Trump’s Psychotic Tantrums Leading America To Recession

It helps if you understand a little bit of economics for this to make sense.


Trump’s economist Peter Navarro grabbed all the face time Friday, telling everybody who would listen that the economy is rocking. The rest of the economic community is spreading rumors of doom and gloom.

Navarro isn’t lying — in the short term. But by the time Donald Trump finishes destroying what is left of U.S. trade and goodwill, things will be a lot different.

The reported gloomy outlook is the result of Germany’s two-quarter slide into negative growth, a definition for recession. That is supposedly a precursor to a European economic slide that will creep across the Atlantic to bite Trump’s 2020 madhouse economy claims in the ass.

Navarro, buttoned-down in his conservative clothes and square glasses, denies the presumptions are true. On Friday he was telling everybody in television land about the burdens of an economics professor that he used to be, to illustrate his rock-hard conviction he can’t be…

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Psychotic Tantrums Leading America To Recession

    • Everything going on screams “recession” and in an international worldwide way, too. Kind of like 2008 almost was, but Obama stopped the worst of it. But Trump knows absolutely NOTHING about economics or anything else, so there’s no one to stop it. And that really IS scary. Not as scary as our end to life on earth, but scary enough. We will not only be drowned and living in a perpetual storm, but also dead broke. Doesn’t that sound terrific?

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