BRING ON THE ANGRY MOBS! – Marilyn Armstrong

I’m mad at life. This is not what I planned. In fact, it’s not even close to what I had in mind. I was planning to go gently into my elder years, able to do whatever I always did, but perhaps a bit more slowly. Gray hairs which turned out to be white — about the only thing that worked out the way I planned.

But all the other stuff? Poverty and ill-health? The endless crumbling of the house? It’s just not fair!

I do not feel insightful, but I could probably incite a riot. I feel very non-insightful. Mostly, I’m pissed.

I want is to win a ton of money so I can not only fix the house, but improve it so that it’s comfortable for both of us. I want our lives for the first time ever to become easier.

My childhood was rough. Adulthood has been, to say the least, bumpy. Somehow, I thought as I wandered into Older Age, life would get easier. Those things we’ve always needed to do would slow and maybe even give up. We could relax, surrounded by our nurturing family who would take care of our needs and maybe even provide a few small luxuries.

That has not been exactly been how it has worked.

Meanwhile, I’m just pissed about the whole “getting old” thing. Why doesn’t someone else cook dinner? Why are we both still scrubbing and vacuuming and cleaning? Why does the house persist in requiring maintenance and repair even though we’ve already fixed it more than once? Isn’t there an “end” point when you don’t need to fix it anymore? What’s wrong with this picture?

I say let’s round up the angry mob and attack age. Who’s with me? If we can’t evade age, maybe we beat the crap out of it.

24 thoughts on “BRING ON THE ANGRY MOBS! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I’ve been advocating that we ‘storm the bastille’ for a long time. But since the 60’s ended nobody storms nuthin’. Remember those huge marches in the 60’s? In the streets – and Washington Monument – everywhere.
    Yet look at those people in Hong Kong!!!!! Let’s hire some of those folks to show us how it’s done.
    I don’t think it will fix the age though – just distract us a bit.


    • I remember the marches and although I know there was a lot of sincerity, there was a lot of “Are there any cute guys/gals out there?” with a lot of protesters wandering off for coffee. I think half my generation met on a protest.


      • In Canada I don’t recall any marches? I think the 60’s mostly happened in the ‘States. And we watched on our B&W TVs.
        Woodstock for instance. I lived in New Brunswick at that time. Not that far away. Never even heard about it till after.


  2. I’m sorry, I don’t agree. I will soon be 80 and I’m proud to say so. Things haven’t always gone the way I thought and still don’t, but they are still going. The house needs the plumbing repaired and the yard is too big to mow. Weeds are taking over my wife’s flower bed as well as everywhere else. The doors on the barn are sitting cattywampus and the garage is so full of things we never use we can’t get the car in.
    These things are material and not important.
    I have a loving wife of 55 years, 3 wonderful children, 9 grandchildren, and in a few weeks our first great-grandchild. Although my knees creak when I stand and I walk a little slower than I used to; I can still get around.
    My wife says, “getting old is a bitch.” I say, “it’s better than the alternative.”

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    • What is it you don’t agree with? Getting old IS a bitch, but staying alive is always the better deal. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to object. I’m not throwing out my art, either, but I’m still tired of being sick all the time and never having enough money to fix the broken things. On the positive side, at least I’m still breathing. That’s something.


  3. I’m with you all the way, Marilyn. I think if you’re a decent person it’s impossible these days not to get angry with the way things are going/have gone – especially as we get older and these matters seem to have deteriorated further over the decades. So I’ll join you in the riot…


    • I didn’t mind all the bumps and lurches of life through all my working years. I just hoped that some point would arrive when it got easier. Unfortunately, it didn’t get easier and there’s no one to complain to about it. THAT is not fair. There ought to be someone to complain to.

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  4. All I can handle is a broom, or maybe a baseball bat at the most. But, I’m ready to protest . I thought I’d paid my dues, but evidently the bills are still stacking up. I’m a decade older than my house, and the two of us need constant maintenance. We were sold down the river with that “golden old age” crap. The Middle Class has been demoted to no class.


    • It’s SO unfair. Where’s the ease of age? Where’s the comfort? The house keeps crumbling and I can’t keep up with it. Not even close. So let’s take arms against age. Not worth saving!


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