PLUGS, CABLES, AND WIRES – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Plug

Plugs and wires, wires and plugs. I remember when I was working at Intel and they were inventing wireless while telling us how we wouldn’t need those plugs and wires anymore.

They forgot about electricity.

We don’t need a wire to tell the printer to print (though the wired ones worked better), but everything that uses power has to be plugged in. If not the device, then its battery needs charging. One way or the other, power is the final part of the system.

There may be one fewer plug, but we are by no means wireless. Until we find a way of delivering electricity without a plug going into an outlet — which isn’t going to happen because the electric companies need to know how much to overcharge us — there will be wires, cables, plugs, and strips of outlets.

Many wires. Many cables. Many plugs. And never enough.

14 thoughts on “PLUGS, CABLES, AND WIRES – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Maybe it should be called wire-less. Kind of like how the bleach companies have “Splash-less” formulas now. They still splash just like the regular bleach does when you pour it…. they just splash…. LESS. Get it? It’s false advertising at its all American finest. And so it is for wire-LESS. One less wire to get tangled up in the death trap behind every hard drive…


  2. Also, signals travel faster via wires. There is, for example, no way to play guitar over wireless headphones. Absolutely horrible due to the latency. So, I always use cable headphones. I think there are still so many reasons in different areas to use cables.


  3. This sums up one of the things I hate about modern life. Cables, cables everywhere, and their associated plugs and wires. They drive me bonkers. 🙂


  4. I think we probably have more plugs than ever now. Certainly, old houses like mine never seem to have enough powerpoints for all the gadgets. A bit like the paperless office really.


  5. I only hope that NONE of the above are photos from „chez vous“….. We forever travel with travel charger converters, loads of cables and multi plugs…. you see, even I cd come up with a few plugs. In France you give plugs when you give helpful advice, in Switzerland {Romandie} you give a tuyau (pipe)…. and work collegues in Paris told HH, when they couldn,t follow his thinking, that he was „wired differently“. Oh the fun they had!


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