Weekend Writing Prompt #120 – Vintage

This is getting to be a very vintage house. Two vintage owners, three dogs, two of them vintage (13). The house isn’t new either. Of course, I collected (now re-homing) ancient Chinese porcelain from Neolithic to Qing. Anyone want to start a collection? I’m not asking for money, just a good home and you pay the shipping costs. They don’t weigh much.

I’m just worried that they need a safe place to continue their very long lives and won’t wind up in a dumpster after I’m gone.

My favorite vintage item is still my 1928 Fordson tractor. It’s not repairable but it does make a nice garden decoration. Highly photogenic!

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  1. It is very photogenic. You have some wonderful things at your house and I hope that you can find someone to love them all eventually.


  2. SO photogenic; I love your tractor!


  3. Was it on the property when you bought it? Or was it an addition?


  4. If you’re looking to ‘re-home’ your collection (or bits and pieces of it), please let me know. I’d be honored to take over responsibility. I think you have my email address already..but if not I’m happy to provide it. Shipping and handling costs are no problem. 🙂


    • An old rusty tractor could run into a lot of money for shipping Melanie! 😉


    • Obviously not the tractor — that would need a flatbed truck! — but the pottery definitely needs a home. It’s very old — some of it a couple of thousand years old — and I’m not going to be here forever to care for it. I want it to go to someone who will love it. If you’re serious, I’ll have UPS come here and give me an estimate. They would have to pack it for me. It’s fragile and I’m afraid my packing would be inadequate. But yes, you would be a GREAT keeper. ALL I ask is if you sell it, that you make sure it’s going to a home where it will be protected. There’s no replacing this porcelain. It’s not museum quality — I don’t have that kind of money, but it is really old and for collectors, valuable. I have loved it dearly.


    • I would keep a few pieces. I’ve already given away about half of the original collection, but my kids don’t want it. More to the point, they don’t have houses with any room in them and they don’t own the places they live, either. So they just don’t have a proper home for it.


  5. a very fine vintage at that!

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  6. Don’t you have a fire engine as well? I remember having seen photos.
    Some people have all the cool stuff.


    • Actually, the fire engine belonged to the town, then was put out to pasture about 30 years ago in an empty field near the Post Office. Finally, they decided to junk it, but because I had written about it so often, a neighbor bought it and is rebuilding it. I never owned it and I could not rebuild it. I’m just not skilled with vehicles. I am VERY glad someone is doing the job, though.

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