WHAT’S FOR DINNER? – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: What’s For Dinner

It’s been an interesting eating week. I got tired of cooking. To be fair, I’ve been tired of cooking for at least 10 years, but Garry doesn’t cook and apparently, isn’t planning to learn. I decided to try something new and buy a lot of cold food we can use for salads and sandwiches.

I was going to cook some redfish for dinner, but I’m tired and headachy, so I made sandwiches and the fish will wait for tomorrow. I’m not all that fond of redfish anyway, even if it is from the Gulf of Maine.

14 thoughts on “WHAT’S FOR DINNER? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. My husband cooks and bakes and grills (smokes mostly now that we have the Traeger). He’s a huge help in the kitchen and does a wonderful job. That is an interesting pepper. Great photo. 🙂


  2. Same here….. it‘s beyond sad and doesn‘t throw a good light on our Man in our life.
    An anekdote: I begged my ex for years to join a group of his friends forming a loose. Cookery’s class group. They met once per month and cooked up a storm, just the guys and it always was great fun. He just did NOT want to join them.
    What was the first thing he did after I left him? Right…. he booked a cookery class.


  3. Luckily all the men in my family cook and a couple of the wives don’t cook at all! Cyberspouse and I take it in turns, I would rather write or garden , but just thinking what to have for dinner is a dreary daily task!


    • Yes. Because he can’t take care of himself if he can’t cook AT ALL. Even if it’s just basic stuff, I’d like him to be able to manage to feed himself something other than frozen pizza, salami sandwiches, and hot dogs.

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      • Mr. Swiss can cook if he has to. I spent every year almost away for a week in London visiting my dad, and he had to manage on his own and also cook for No. 1 son and he survived, but I think the diet was mainly pasta and something fried. It was actually Mr. Swiss that taught me how to make a salad sauce when we got married. We Brits always got the sauce from a bottle, called Heinz salad cream.

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      • That’s my brother’s problem since his wife passed away last year. I keep encouraging him to take cooking classes. He might even meet some interesting people there too.


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