8 thoughts on “Counting on Social Security and Medicare? Better check this out!

  1. Thank you (and Judy) for the share of this information. It’s too bad (for me) that the timing wasn’t better, but I’d heard the rumors before in any case. Now it’s confirmed. D’ya suppose Scotty could beam me (and my boys) up now? It’s gotten too stupid to live down here…


  2. This is why young people now in the working pool need to pay way more attention to what their elected officials are doing. What these proposals aim to steal, will affect their future if not stopped now. Thank God it was defeated, but that doesn’t mean other attempts will not be made. What’s with these GOP members wanting, so badly, to take away the Social Security surplus? What do they plan to do with it? Younger generations better start paying attention.., or their future is screwed. THEY NEED TO WAKE UP AND VOTE NOW!!


      • Theft is what it is. They’ve all made a fab living off of screwing the masses. Criminal. I just don’t understand why anyone in the middle class or below would ever vote Republican. Especially in this modern era. They are the party of every man for himself, yet people staunchly support it…all while still wanting the services that were created by Democrats. Will never understand it.


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