FOWC with Fandango — Churlish

I couldn’t have picked a better word for this morning if I had searched the dictionary myself.

I should start by saying that Garry has been a customer of Commerce Insurance, now renamed MAPFRE since he moved to Massachusetts in 1970. Admittedly, part of the reason was that there weren’t a lot of companies servicing Massachusetts in 1970 and for private vehicles (Garry was a renter, not a homeowner), Commerce pretty much owned the market.

They are not even close to the cheapest insurers on the market. In fact, they are a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than most of the other companies, but over the years through lots of car bang-ups, they’ve been fair with us and even when, for reasons I still don’t understand they doubled their rates this year, we stayed with them. We have a long-standing record with them and I always think — usually to my detriment — that loyalty should be rewarded. I am usually wrong. I still anticipate when you’ve hung in there with a company for 49 years, they should at least treat you with civility and respect.

When I reported the problem, I was assured I’d be seeing an adjuster by Friday. I assumed it was a done deal.

Indeed I got an email and a telephone call from the agency assuring me the complaint had been received and properly filed and would be dealt with ASAP. I had a complaint number. An adjuster would be calling shortly to make the appointment for Friday.

I’m not sure why this stuff always seems to happen on a holiday weekend. It’s Murphy’s Law. This is not merely any old holiday weekend, but it is followed by an extremely busy week including more checkups with my heart specialist, Garry’s eye doctor/surgeon (his cataract surgery might need a bit of updating). Plus, a meeting with his friend who he is hoping will help him find a spot in the voice-over business.

Every day next week is booked and supposedly, we are going on vacation shortly thereafter — the vacation that got deferred earlier in the summer. I haven’t even begun to deal with Owen and dogs yet because until this mess with the house is sorted out, I can’t go anywhere.

Thus when the adjuster did not call yesterday as expected, the last thing I did last before going to sleep was write down the number of our insurance agent as well as the claim number so I could call first thing in the morning. There are events you can cancel — but then, there are events you really can’t and shouldn’t cancel and next week is full of the latter.

I called my agent and then, reading the emails I got from MAPFRE insurance, I called the agency itself. My claim agent (who is not the adjuster — just the person who handles the paperwork) was out until Tuesday. Long weekend. It’s the last time the kids won’t be in school full-time. I used to do the same thing, so I wasn’t surprised.

I really needed to see the adjuster today. I moved Garry’s doctor appointment to next Tuesday because I thought I needed emotional and mental backup today. That appointment officially made next week 100% fully appointed.

The adjuster finally called me and yelled at me for 10 minutes for apparently having the gall to call him TWICE inside a few minutes. Twice! He shouted how he had more important places to be than dealing with my little problem (it’s good to know they are concerned for my welfare). I pointed out in my best dulcet tones (no yelling) that all I had asked him to do was call me. He said he hadn’t heard about the appointment until Wednesday night and I said, “Today is Friday and all I asked for was a phone call.”

He finally agreed to see us later, around two. I said I don’t move fast, so please wait. It takes me a while to get to the door. He didn’t seem to understand what I meant but finally said he’d call and tell me when he was on the way. I said “thank you” and hung up. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been talked to that rudely by anyone with whom I was doing business. I didn’t think business people talked to clients like that. I know when I was in business, I’d have been fired for yelling at any client. Even if I had a good reason — and he didn’t have one.

I thought about it awhile, called MY agent, explained that I just been thoroughly dressed down by the adjuster who apparently didn’t think my job was important enough to give me a phone call and make an appointment.

I’m worried about the mold, too because Garry and I haven’t been feeling well and I wonder if the mold has something to do with it. I know we just saw it, but it has probably been growing underneath the damaged vinyl for weeks. Months?

Churlish hardly begins to describe this morning. I don’t even understand why. Has he been watching too much Trump on the news? Maybe he had a fight with someone else and I just happened to be the person on the phone.

Overall, not a great week. I’m trying to feel better, but I don’t think I’m succeeding. I’m working on it, though.

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13 replies

  1. First I learned a new word… thanks
    Second, yes, mould could absolutely cause you health problems. So you need to do something about it. Your problems are heaping up badly and are far from getting resolved. I hope very much that your insurer open their wallet for you to get that sorted.
    But badly behaved agents are sadly not that uncommon. When the 100yr old stone wall around our property fell down on the street, we had to wait TEN days for the expert to come, the little street was boarded more than 2 weeks because AFTER the visit a company taking away all those stones and wrought iron had to be awaited and guess what: We aren’t getting one cent for faithfully paying through our nose during the past 11+ years. It seems that the weather was the culprit and walls, one hundred years old, are not insured. 3 (three) days after that devastating outcome we got a WRITTEN PROPOSAL to ‘enhance’ our policy with an added juristical contract, so that our insurer would then provide us with a house-intern lawyer’s services. As we didn’t have that, their own ppl would certainly do nothing whatsoever to help us getting our rights rewarded. THAT reaction was churlish, right?!


  2. That’s a disgusting way to treat a customer. I hope he apologised when he came over. Regarding the mould, it may well account for you and Garry not feeling well. We had mould at the front of our house for some time and when the bedroom ceiling started turning black I knew I had to do something. At the time believe it or not there was no company that did mould remediation in southern Tasmania. Luckily I found a local lady who did the ceiling for me and showed me what to use. Oil of cloves for the mould, vinegar and water for the stains. It worked and now I use a dehumidifier in the winter and air out the rooms on fine days. The broken gutter that probably began the problem was also replaced. If there is no company near you that does this type of work maybe Owen could do it for you or some local handy person/cleaner.


  3. I am not sure which is the lower form of life, lawyers or insurance adjusters.


  4. Being rude to loyal customers is the last straw. This is a very bad move on his part. I hope he is civil when he comes.


  5. Perfect description of churlish.


  6. Sorry to hear this insurance hassle and hope it works out for your benefit. Companies seem to be falling apart when it comes to us “little guys.” I’ve had my Bank of America card denied three times in the last week, and the representatives are apologetic after my maybe too long term association with them, but they supposedly have “fixed” it twice. I wasn’t fixed. Yesterday, I called them again after having been denied at the grocery store. Apologies again, and assurances that it is now ready to be used without a problem. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that song before. We shall see. These Trump years seem to have given people permission to run amuk.


    • We are lucky our BOA is literally next to the grocery store. I finally had them REPLACE the card, after which it worked. There’s probably something wrong with the widget that makes it work. A new one should solve the problem. I actually took down the whole grocery — killed ALL the registers at the same time and knocked out half the lights. That was fun.

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      • Marilyn, you’ll recall I started with Commerce when I moved to Boston in ’70. The insurance agent was a close friend of one of my work colleagues who touted the guy’s honesty. Long time passing.


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