Climate Change Is Here… And It’s Coming Soon To A Town Near You!

It’s not just in your backyard. It’s the planet and it’s OUR planet. How long do we wait? When is it too late?

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A graph in my local weekend paper has made it very clear that the climate in my part of this planet has changed significantly, and not for the better. This has so far had considerable effect on our economy, employment and people’s lifestyles. It’s effects are long lasting and the trend is clear. There is nothing to indicate that it is going to get any better any time soon, and in fact there is a huge mass of evidence to suggest it will get worse for some time yet.

Here’s the graph, issued by that Den of Deceit, the Western Australian Water Corporation.


The graph shows the dramatic decline in the annual amount of rainwater flowing into our water catchment areas that feed our dams which used to be our main water supply to a city of almost 2 million people.

Reliable records were kept from 1911 (Perth was founded…

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  1. Moving about the country as we do we see the effects constantly. Summer bushfires in spring and prolonged droughts. The naysayers have their heads in the very dry sand.


  2. It’s undeniably here too.


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