THE LITTLE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

The Little Garden – September 2, 2019

Although you can’t see it at this angle, there’s a very big branch of not-yet-budding transparent or maybe white (hard to tell since they look so much alike) orchids growing out of this pot. It keeps getting bigger. I’m waiting for it to set buds, but so far, it’s just growing longer with more and more prongs that will set buds. It’s a rather big sprout and just keeps growing. So when it finally decides to bud and hopefully, bloom … I’ll let you see. Meanwhile, it’s just facing northeast and growing. About once a week, I give it some water.

But what is that wide-leaf green plant? Anyone know anything about it? It also has a young Philodendron growing in it.

The second photo is the philodendron which was looking sort of pale and listless. I stopped watering it as often — it was only every other week, but apparently, it was too much for this particular plant. Now, after a trim, because it was long enough to be constantly caught in the sink or dishes.

Nicely trimmed Philodendron

When it blooms and I really hope that turns out to be soon, I’ll flip it around so we can all actually see the flowers. Meanwhile, I call this my little garden. Just one pot. The ivy is now about 10-feet long and I have it wrapped around the pot. I don’t know the names of all the flowers in the pot either.

I’m good on the Orchids (which you can’t see, but trust me, they are here) and you can’t miss the ivy or the young Philodendron, but the big green flat-leaved plant? Anyone recognize it? If you do, tell me because I’d like to know too.

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  1. Hi Marilyn! Love your little plant sanctuary.

    Looks like you have a jade plant (crassula ovata as mentioned above), an ivy (of which I can not grow at all) the ivy loves more shade than sun, so you apparently have it in a perfect place and the thick leaf plant is darling, it looks like it could be an agave plant which is usually a thick leaf kind of like a succulent plant.

    Love your philodendron, its growing beautifully.


    • I had to move it around until it liked the light. Everything really had to like that northeast set of windows because there isn’t anywhere else to grow plants. I don’t fight with plants. I just keep moving them until they are happy. The Aloe is even happier again the more northern window, but there’s an A/C there in the summer. I’ll move it back in the winter.


  2. Your plants look really healthy to me. I’ve taken to putting my orchids in a pot of water for 15 mins. every 7-10 days to soak up from the bottom. Then I drain them. They seem to be doing much better that way. Hopefully I’ll get some buds.


    • That’s the recommended method and I got an instruction thing that said that. I didn’t this time because it was SO dry when I got it, it needed water immediately. But I’ll try that next time (in a couple of days).


  3. A lovely ‘little garden’. Enjoy watching the changes, and I hope the orchids thrive for you. 🙂


  4. If you mean the one in the pot on its own on the left of the shot, I think it is crassula ovata.


  5. Good luck with the orchid. Inwish mine would make new flowers again, although they are still flowering at the moment


    • Put them in bright light but not all day light. Water lightly. Be patient. If the light is right (mine are in a north-east window. If you don’t overwater them, they will bloom. But they take a long time and just when you’re ready to give up, suddenly, there’s a shoot.

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