SIZE IS RELATIVE – Marilyn Armstrong

Photo Challenge – Size Matters!

Everything is relative. When we moved into this house — Garry and I — it was perfect. I didn’t know about the tons of snow that would need to be cleared off the driveway or the water that would rush down the driveway and try to pool in the basement.

I never imagined 12-stairs would prove too much for me and Garry never thought pushing the trash up to the street would be life-threatening. I didn’t count on heart problems, cancer, or having yet one more vertebra (S1) disintegrate.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Our house in winter

Mostly, we didn’t think we would get old, cranky, or poor. We were working. We assumed we’d continue working for years to come.

Well, sometimes, it all turns sideways. Garry lost his job because they decided he was too old. I got too sick to work. Owen’s job blew up on 9/11 and never came back. The kids came to live with us, which made the house too small. Ten years later, they left, so now the house is too big and we’re a lot older and poorer.

Big, small … it’s all a matter of one’s position in the universe. I’ve heard people who live in mansions complain it’s not big enough and then, later, I’ve heard the same people complain it’s too much and who needs so much house?

Definitely a door!

The van was just barely big enough when everyone lived here and now our little Renegade is absolutely perfect (but I wish it had a bigger glove box). The deck was too small, but now it’s perfect.

If it would just stop RAINING for a while. We need a dry spell! Preferably, without killer mosquitoes.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

11 thoughts on “SIZE IS RELATIVE – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. My house is a good size, but time has taken its toll on a knee and a leg. There are many things we cannot anticipate — as you say, it is all relative!


  2. Our apartment is ideal in size and being on the ground floor. It is just that we too go,den oldies are no longer so perfect in body, which I also never thought would happen. I thought that life would continue as always, just a little slower.


  3. I wonder how many of us can relate to your words – too many I guess!
    My mother used to complain about aches and pains, and I wished she didn’t walk so slow. I never understood, now I do!

    Thank you for taking part in the challenge.


    1. I remember my mother reminding me not to get into something bigger than I would want to care for when the kids were gone and we were older. I didn’t really understand what she meant.


  4. I definitely now look for a much smaller place. I also realise that I will have to get rid of LOTS of my stuff, I have SO many tables, chairs, rugs, did I say a load of chairs…. giving a home to every single sad chair I’ve seen on English fleamarkets, coffee shops etc…. I also have 2000 books and 1750+ DVDs, but no TV.


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