I keep reading about how Trump is going to be impeached. Or at least, SHOULD be impeached. Needs to be impeached. On this, I tend to side with Nancy Pelosi: I don’t want to see him impeached. I want to see him in prison. For life.

Two presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson and William J. Clinton. Neither was removed from office. It was more like a bad mark on their permanent record than getting expelled. They were harder on Harry Potter than either impeached President.

This doesn’t mean I had or have anything against Bill Clinton. I liked him a lot except the thing about men and their zippers and how come they can’t keep them zipped. He could at least have kept it zipped until he left office. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Would it really kill men to not screw someone inappropriate for a few years? Men can be such pigs.

I do not think Trump will be impeached. “Why not?” you ask.

The Senate doesn’t want to do it and even the House isn’t sure about it. Also, why does everyone assume impeachment would unseat Trump? It didn’t unseat the two presidents who were impeached.

The only things that can unseat a president are high crimes and misdemeanors for which there exists no clear, modern definition. Although if any president has committed them, I’m sure Trump is The Man.

Moreover, a GOP-dominated — or even a Senate with a substantial percentage of them — does not have to act on impeachment. Regardless of the outcome of any investigation, now or in the future, there is no mandate to do anything about it. Yet, despite the ineffectiveness of previous impeachment procedures, everyone is convinced that this time, it will be different.

It won’t be different. It will be exactly the same.

What would make this time different than before? What new law is on the books? What new interpretation of “crimes the president can/can’t commit” exists? As far as I know, we have made zero legislative progress in Congress and we seem unlikely to see any before 2020.

And also, please note that no matter WHAT the House of Representatives does or tries to do if the Senate (McConnell) refuses to bring the issue to the floor, it’s not even a slap on the wrist. All it will do is raise the ratings on late-night television and miscellaneous news outlets.

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  1. In my opinion, staring the impeachment process would only give Trump more undeserved air time to toot his own horn. Meanwhile, it would serve to turn the focus of the upcoming election into a circus and detract the public from the real issues at stake… Hopefully, justice will prevail after Trump is defeated in the 2020 election.


  2. I can’t even drum up any hope that these next years will be better. I really believe they will not. And I continue to hope for a brain aneurysm to fell that gigantic orange dick with clout. But I doubt it’d make the slightest difference. They’d prop him up and continue to puppet his vile ‘reign’. We’re screwed. Personally Marilyn, I’d focus on my own personal problems (you do have some doozies) and forget the debacle that’s on-going in our highest seats of power. I mean there’s nothing any of us (who are deemed lesser because of our age or state of physical health) can do about it anyway. Just buy stock in Kleenex. And stock up on the valium and Xanax.


  3. Our Prime Minister has been slammed by the Ethics Commissioner for two separate offences. I’l like to see him do some time for that.


  4. I doubt he would care if he were impeached and as you say it doesn’t mean he’d be out of office. His latest ridiculous statement seemed to imply that he felt he should get extra time as President because people had been mean to him. I suppose there is no chance he’ll be certified insane before he next election? Or isn’t there a law to say that people who are officially crazy can’t run the country?


    • He says a lot of shit. But if there’s one thing we ARE good at is getting presidents OUT of the White House. The Secret Service comes in, packs, cleans, and that’s it. I don’t think anyone has much to say about it unless he has converted the Secret Service too — and of course, ANYTHING is possible. But let’s not dig that hole yet. I’ve still got personal issues to work through which are not minor either. It’s as if my life has been on hold since this moron has been in office.


  5. We tend to forget that impeachment is a two-part event — the House indicts, and the Senate convicts. In the current situation, the Senate would never even vote on a verdict, let alone remove the Pres from office. I definitely agree with Nancy Pelosi that impeachment at this time is not appropriate — HOWEVER, there is always the 25th amendment, in which the Cabinet can remove him from office if they deem he is not fit to serve.


    • Like that’s going to happen. Unless, of course, he really crashes the economy. Then they will eat him for lunch.


    • Seems the best thing would be to vote him out in 2020 as impeachment is almost a waste of time.., anyway he’d probably like being impeached, and only sad that he didn’t get his for the same reason Bill Clinton did.

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      • At one point there was speculation that he wanted to be impeached because he wouldn’t be removed from office and that could be called a victory, blostering his base for the next election! I guess you have to be a schemer par excellence in order to out-scheme the schemer! Voting him out in 2020 would be the best option, although I’ve begun to hear that he might not leave office “gracefully”!


        • I know we are all afraid that we might have America’s first NON-peaceful transition from office. I think perhaps we should save the crossing of that bridge until we get to it. Let’s first UN-elect the asshole and deal with the after effect after we win the election. We are all quite crazy enough. Let’s try to not get any wackier than we already are. It’s hard, I know especially since we still have real personal issues that need solving so we aren’t entirely sane anyhow and this makes everything worse. Still, it’s (as the books said) “A Bridge Too Far.” It may be a chimera — nothing more than a reflection of our darkest fears. Let’s hang in there and stay sane as long as we can.

          Of course, that assumes we are sane at this point and not crazy nutso whacked.


      • I’m more worried about the election than I am of the result. Sometimes, living where you get big paper ballots that aren’t part of any electronic system has its advantages and I think this is one of them. Not that Massachusetts is exactly “on the line” vis-a-vis who we’ll elect. We are insanely blue here.


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