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From Melanie: Wow. September. Where did the summer go?  I’m not at all sure…anyway.  This week finds us with some more questions, but this week they’re all ‘deep’ ones requiring a little thought. Enjoy!”

I know where MY summer went and I hope I can forget it ASAP.

Spring was long, nasty, cold, and full of hard-driving rainstorms with lots of wind. We didn’t get a real winter. No real snow at all, so we got our first blizzard (the only blizzard, actually) around my birthday in early March.

Finally, it started to warm up, but mostly, it rained. And rained. The wind howled and sometimes it was raining so hard and for so long the house sounded like a loud faucet was running somewhere. Now that Garry can hear, he was amazed at how loud rain can be. It reminded me why I didn’t spend the extra money on a steel roof … and why I wish I had — at the same time.

Raiin on the window

A steel roof is forever, or at least as close to forever as any roof can get. It’s also noisy. Rain, sleet, hale … it’s like a million little beasties racing madly around your roof. Not to mention that they cost at least four times what a standard asphalt roof costs. But they never leak and they don’t grow lichens or other greenery, either. Win some, lose some. You take your best guess and hope it works out.

As soon as it warmed up, we grew a million daylilies and that was great, but we’d get one day of sun or at least gray skies followed by three days of howling winds and torrential rain. It was mud city. You couldn’t even mow your lawn because it was sodden.

That was followed — finally — in August, with lovely, cool dry weather. And Eastern Equine Encephalitis mosquitoes and all the nice autumn fairs got canceled because the killer mosquitoes were out.

Aw, c’mon! Really?

This was approximately when I realized something was wrong on the south-west side of the house. All that rain, you know? The climate change that hasn’t arrived seems to indeed have arrived. At least here it has.

Now, we need to strip off the vinyl, remove the mush that’s underneath it, and replace the wall, or at least most of the lower level with a new wall. Get rid of the rotting door and replace it with a window (we never use the door anyway) and get a carpenter to repair the wooden doors to the shop.

Rainy morning squirrel shaking rain off his coat

I’m wishing we’d had time to powerwash the house because it’s green with mold. Did you know vinyl can grow green mold? It’s not lethal or poisonous. It actually looks like green pollen that got stuck. It just isn’t attractive.

It made me realize for all the years we’ve been paying insurance on our houses — since 1965 — they have yet to actually pay for any damage to any house in any state. Talk about being taken over by corporations. You know all those advertisements about how insurance companies are protecting you? They aren’t.

It’s a lie. The only thing they are protecting is the value of the property owned by the mortgage company. I can’t even calculate how many years we’ve paid home insurance and it never crossed my mind that they don’t cover anything except a tree falling on the house (unless they decide you should have taken down the tree in which case it’s your fault anyway), and fire. They might cover home invasion, but I’m not sure.

I’m still thinking about the post I will write about this, how we are forced — absolutely required — to pay for home insurance or we can’t get a mortgage. Why don’t we read all the little tiny print on the policy? Because we have to have insurance, so no matter what it says, we will sign it.

It’s just like accepting the terms of your operating system for your PC or Mac. Sign or don’t use your computer. There is no option to argue about the terms, so you sign. Nobody reads them.

The most common lie everyone everywhere tells is that they read and understand the terms of that contract. NO ONE reads it and if we did understand it, what difference would it make? We can’t NOT sign it.

And now, on to the questions.


When you’re 90 years old, what do you suppose will matter most to you?


What’s the best way to spend a rainy afternoon?

Brooding on how we used to sometimes have sunshine and playing bridge on the computer.

What is one thing you don’t understand about yourself?

How I lived long enough to see the world change into this bizarre, hate-filled mess.

When was the last time you tried something to look ‘cool’ (hip), but it ended in utter embarrassment?  Details?

About a year ago, my granddaughter dyed my hair to get the yellow out of it. It wasn’t utter embarrassment. It actually looked pretty good.

We have a lot of iron in our well water and it turns everything pink or yellow — Including my white hair. I bought some more of the same dye. I hope I don’t make a total mess of the project.

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  1. Insurance is the worst scam ever invented. Don’t get me started!
    I have actually had them pay (for a tree falling on my house), but not nearly enough to cover everything.
    IF insurance was not mandatory, it would be SO much better, might even be worth buying voluntarily.


    • I wouldn’t mind paying for it if they actually were there to help you when the going got tough. But they are NOT there for us at all. Quite the opposite. They are there to make sure the company that holds your mortgage doesn’t lose money. You? They could care less. And as for the government … putrid, stupid, lacking in conscience. I could go on and on, but I won’t. \

      Mainly, what I resent, is that the insurance companies are such big salespeople for their product — and they are such LIARS.


  2. Sorry your world has been so damp this year, Marilyn. We have a saying over here – you may well know it – ‘it never rains, but it pours’. Seems appropriate for you this year. And a ‘bizarre, hate-filled mess’ is a good way to describe the world today. I despair sometimes. Well, often actually. It’s just as bad in the UK. It’s enough to drive you to drink.


    • Individual people are fine, or as find as ever they were — but the whole government mess is run by little tiny people who have no souls. Neither of us drink … but we are just about ready to do it. We went to the doctor yesterday and I noticed that EVERYONE with vinyl siding has one side or two that looks like ours. How they are going to manage to not pay everyone is interesting, but I’m sure they will find a way.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Avoiding payment is what insurance companies specialise in…
        And yes, government people are soul-less, I agree entirely. Believe it or not, it’s so bad over here now that there was a long programme on TV the other night entitled ‘Why are Politicians so Cr*p?’ (honestly!).

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  3. I always thought a rainy afternoon was a good excuse to make fudge.


  4. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World. Utah could use some of that moisture, but it was a lot more temperate this year than I ever remember it being. A long coolish Spring. Summer never arrived actually, but it started getting hot in late June (that’s late). The humidity became a ‘thing’ even though it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface when put against New England. I’m so saddened by what happened to your house and hope you find some affordable solution. You did one good thing with your tale though. I’m going to read my house insurance policy and find out exactly what they do cover. I bet earthquakes are NOT included, even though that’s the most likely cause of someone’s house being destroyed. A couple of years back we got the biggest hail (in size) and insurances had to pay to fix dozens of roofs up here. I had mine checked (even though my house wasn’t yet five years old. No breech. I like the idea of a steel roof, but there’s no way I could afford it. And the HOA would have a cow. Maybe literally.


  5. My roof is galvanised iron, very noisy when it rains heavily but I don’t really mind the sound. However, it does get rusty and although I haven’t got leaks it is obviously letting water in because recently a brown patch appeared on my bedroom ceiling. I know it is damp up there. If I were not selling up I’d get a new steel roof even though it is pricey. I don’t think many homes have asphalt roofs here. I think of it as something you find in the playground.


  6. Up here it’s been one of the rainiest (is that a word?) Summers I can remember. Early on the farmers were celebrating the possibility of a bumper crop. But now due to lack of sunshine it won’t ripen and much that has is too wet to harvest. This past long weekend I was sure glad I never went camping. It rained like hell most of the weekend. I’m sure you can recall some wet camping trip experiences. Not fun. Well … maybe Fall will be different???


    • I do remember one very very rainy camping weekend, trying to not touch the sides of the tent because the rain would magically appear INSIDE the tent. One night, I just didn’t go to sleep at all … but the next night, I passed out and nothing — not thunder, rain, or wild Indian friends (it was a pow-wow and they WERE wild Indian friends) could wake me. I was told in the morning they had done everything but drive a truck into the tent. Barely able to stop THAT.


  7. Love this! the squirrel is too cute!


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