Pleasures of Air Travel
A Great Idea from Judy Dykstra-Brown

I bought a bottle of water for some outrageous price and they took it away because it was “too big.” Then, for an even more outrageous price, they sold me another of the identical water inside the departure lounge which apparently was not too big. Bunch of rip-offs!

They also nicked Garry’s new, unopened hair gel and my brand new shampoo. Bet they kept all of it and took it home!

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  1. I’m sure that’s what they did. It is a rip off.


  2. Naomi lost her toothpaste when we flew home from Singapore.


  3. Twice when I flew to London they took away my toothpaste because the tones were too nig


  4. The deciding factor is where you bought it. If obtained outside the boarding area it is assumed you may be a terrorist bringing some lethal liquid into the terminal, and onto the aircraft. If you bought it after you pass through security, it is assumed to be OK.., no chance of it being a lethal substance. I usually carry empty containers in my luggage and fill them after I pass through CHECK-POINT CHARLIE. As for the hair gel.., I don’t understand why larger quantities pose more of a problem than smaller ones??? Can you take a plane hostage by threatening the passengers with over-geling their hair, whether they want you to or not? Go figure!


  5. Thanks for contributing, Marilyn…


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