NUDES ARE FOR GROWNUPS – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Nude

Once upon a time, before the 24-hour “news cycle” where basically they repeat the same stories 24 timed each day, you knew by the clock when news would be on and could settle down to watch the day go by.

News is nudes.

Today, by the end of the 24/7 schedule, everyone can recite da nudes in their sleep. Used to be around six or seven in the evening, with a final lap at 11 pm, right before you went to sleep. Now, nudes show up everywhere. Sometimes so early in the day you think maybe you are hallucinating.

Dali – 1928 -Nude

Also, TV administrators figure sometimes (especially on a not-very-exciting news day), they want to agitate viewers enough to throw things in frenzy at the telibizion. Most people don’t really throw things. Telibizions are expensive.

I only  have about 10 minutes of news watching in me before I want to break a lamp over someone’s head. Often, my own,

No wonder nudes are considered “for the over-13 crowds.” It’s very disturbing!

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12 replies

  1. I know it would discourage me. Most people ought not to be seen nude except by their nearest and dearest. Our former PM, Tony Abbott’s red budgie smugglers were too much for me. Nobody needs to see their PM like this.

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  2. Maybe the news pundits on TV should appear in the nude. I am pretty sure that would discourage me from watching so much news.

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  3. Being in the middle of Europe, I have no idea.


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