TINKER BELLE – Marilyn Armstrong

Can you set a price on love? Can you set a number to it? Can you calculate it by the cost of health care, toys, dog food? Grooming? Tinker Belle was a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, also called PBGVs or Petites. They are medium-sized, shaggy rabbit hounds from the Vendée region of France. During the … Continue reading TINKER BELLE – Marilyn Armstrong


Early Hitchcock, by Rich Paschall The 1936 Hitchcock thriller, Sabotage, could be a story for the present day.  Foreign saboteurs are planning terror attacks on a big city.  No one is sure who these people are or why they are planning these things.  In this adventure the city is London and the time frame is … Continue reading SABOTAGE – AND – MURDER


WTF! Not Another Dime We elect representatives to ... uh ... represent us. They are paid healthy salaries, enjoy the best health care in the country and draw a salary after retirement, even when voted out of office. What a great job to have. I'll take it! Then, you ask for more money from us … Continue reading ANOTHER VOICE HEARD FROM – GUEST AUTHOR – BEN TAYLOR