Photo Challenge: The Magenta Rose

Oddly enough, I actually took pictures of roses in the floral party of our grocery store. I haven’t done that in a really long and I carefully took pictures of all the roses.

Pink, white, red … all of the roses grouped in a cooling bin. They certainly smelled delicious and looked downright edible.

These pink roses are indeed as close to magenta as you can get!

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  1. Lovely roses, Marilyn. Our plant life of all kinds, including roses, have gone wild here in the Kawarthas with all this peculiar weather we’re having this fall.
    Some things apparently not growing at all, others flourishing, yet in wild uncontained manners (not just the weeds).
    Wildlife is also behaving differently predicated by changes in their food cycle. E.g. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this number of blue jays, all at once. Started coming ~ a week ago. Had basically not seen one on my lake side property to that point. Black caterpillars probably have something to do with it.
    Anyway. Nough said. I do appreciate your blog.
    From a fellow techie. Peter

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  2. These roses are gorgeous, I particularly like the pink ones, some of the darker ones are the perfect shade of Magenta Rose, tricky getting the exact shade isn’t it? Thanks Marilyn.


  3. Every time I am at the store I photograph some flowers. Thry have a good selection and your Roses are wonderful examples.

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