FOWC with Fandango — Guileless but white

For all the right-wing evangelists, have any of you noticed that at no point in the Torah or the Gospels is there any mention of race or skin color? Nor any mention of superiority based on color, either.

It’s not that there was no such thing as color. Some people were dark, others much lighter. Especially in the Mediterranean area, colors vary quite a lot and no one seems to care.

Why do we care? What makes us so special? What makes white people superior? We aren’t better farmers or better people. We are cruel, vicious, and willing to destroy the world while guilelessly sitting on a fence saying “who me?”

Why is it important to be “white?” Were the Sphinxes built by “white people?” Not unless the Eqyptians have done some serious color shifting. How about the great Mayan and Aztec pyramids? They weren’t white either.  All the palaces and temples in India were built by brown people as were those in Tibet and other areas of Asia. No white folks there, either.

How about the Great Wall of China? A lot of white people building that one?

So other than our greed and cruelty to those who are different than us, what makes white people special? As far as I can tell, nothing. We invented a lot of technology which hasn’t done the world any good and is in the process of doing it permanent harm.

So as we sit around, guilelessly acting as if we are the world’s great innocents, ponder who has done the worst things to most people. Who has done the most slaughtering? Who has the biggest butcher bill to pay?

You guessed it. White people. Now we want to take over the world because we haven’t done enough damage.

Why not? We’ve been trying to do that for hundreds of years. We might get there yet. I’m not sure what kind of world we will be taking over or if there will even be a part of it that remains safe for humans to live.

We can be proudly white in a world of horror.

13 thoughts on “THEY DON’T CALL THEM FILTHY RICH FOR NOTHING – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Marilyn, I just got back from the Ojo del Lago awards ceremony. You were nominated in the category of fiction, but did not win. An honor to be nominated, though. They should announce nominees and winners in next month’s Ojo del Lago. It is printed in both paper editions and online so you should be able to see it. You might want to announce it on your blog with a link to the month it was published. Congratulations.


    • I was SO EXCITED when I got the magazines. I have them carefully stored FLAT so they won’t get all curly. It was great to be nominated. I didn’t know it was competitive. I did write you, but I knew you were on some kind of writing vacation so I wasn’t sure you got the messages. That whole piece came out of a conversation Garry and I were having about stick ball and discovering that they sell “stickball sets” on Amazon. That’s NOT stickball. You play stickball with whatever odds and ends you forage in your houses. Buying a set is like cheating 😀 So I started writing about it and that’s what eventually emerged.

      I had trouble getting a complete page from the link, but I’ll try it again. Thank you for helping. I’d never have even heard about it without your help.


      • You should contribute again. I didn’t know you were nominated until they read out the awards. I was so excited to hear your name. My friends said, “Who is Marilyn Armstrong?” and I told them! Ha. They have these awards every year. It is quite competitive as there are many people writing for the magazine so you did well.


      • Fid the Ojo Del Lago link for the month you published, When you get it click on the square that enlarges the page, then flip through it. You can enlarge it more with your command + on your computer..


    • It occurred to me the other day that there is NO religious. devotional, or inspirational belief that one race (white) is better than another … or even MENTIONS race as a subject to discuss.

      We didn’t invent it, but we’re pretty close to the source.

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  2. Excellent post. Thank you for all of your hard work on this blog, keeps me inspired. That picture of you and your child is just beautiful!


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