We went out looking for a hint of autumn but all we saw was summer. Usually, by the end of August, you can see yellow leaves and bright colors in the vines. You can usually see changes in color in the maple and aspen trees.

Not this year. It’s as deep green as a mid-July day.

On the positive side, it was beautiful weather with a shiny river and canal that looked like a mirror. The sky was something special. It looks almost unreal with that deep blue sky and puffy little white clouds.

10 thoughts on “NOT A HINT OF FALL BUT THE CANAL IS BEAUTIFUL – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Spectacular pictures!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Our evening just turned cooler here too and we don’t have any fall colours as yet. I’m sure it’ll take awhile as there isn’t any dew on the ground or vehicles as yet. We sailed into fall rather insignificantly. We went from warm to semi warm to cool. Not cold as yet.


    • It’s like the seasons have all changed. But autumn has always been out BEST season with the best weather and color. The last two years, we basically didn’t have autumn. Other places got some, but we didn’t. Too wet, I suppose. We are living in parallel worlds on different continents.

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    • Mrs. Swiss – our photo session was the r/x for the bug that’s been bumming us out. Fresh air, mild temps, blue skies with sunshine. Friendly strangers sharing the good weather with easy chit chat. An A+ day. Thanks, Mother Nature.

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