THE PURPLE ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong

New Orchids in the Little Garden –  09/12/19

I couldn’t have hinted any louder and Garry got the point. Yesterday, he brought home a new set of orchids for me in a rich purple.

All the others were pink and I think one was white.

He brought me the purple ones. They have a few buds on them, so I hope to have them for a while.

My purple orchid

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15 replies

  1. Oh what a gorgeous shade of purple. 😀 😀


  2. Sensational Marilyn!


  3. So gorgeous! Garry did good! 🙂


  4. what is it with guys and hints? Glad Garry finally got it. He did good–this is beautiful!


  5. Oh wow, these are so beautiful! A gorgeous burst of my favourite colour to start my day. Thank you for sharing your new blooms with us. 🙂

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  6. Wonderful orchid. I am also a fan and they last .

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  7. The centers look like little batmen.

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