THE NEW LITTLE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

The New Little Garden – 09-13-2019

I wanted a new orchid. To bring in any new plant, I needed someplace to put them. Everything was on a leftover dining chair, a stool. There was one plant stand, but everything else was a piece of something I found somewhere in the house.


We have a dining room table that folds into three pieces, so it can be a relatively small table pushed against the wall or opened all the way, seat 8 people comfortably. When Garry brought home the new orchid, there was no more putting it off.

We settled for dropping one-third of it and pushing that end against the glass doors. I have been thinking of dropping another third until we need it, but I’m thinking about it. Meanwhile, there’s room for more plants. Not a lot more plants unless I hang some from the ceiling (which I might do).

10 thoughts on “THE NEW LITTLE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I’ve always been a good indoor gardener. I started off with a couple of plants a friend gave me — cuttings off HER plants. By the time I left that house and moved to Israel, I had maybe 300 plants with special trays I had made then filled with gravel and water. They sat on the top of old iron radiators. The gravel and water produced nice humidity for tropical plants. I didn’t have curtains — just plants. A LOT of them. I don’t keep that many these days. It got to be a bit much. I was working, I had a kid, a social life, a husband, a big house. Cats. Dogs. Parrots. I have no idea how I fit all that into my life. These days, a trip to the doctor and a stop at the grocery is a full day’s work.

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    • I’ve been able to add to it slowly. After I moved out the gigantic Dracaena Marginata (it had reached the ceiling and was trying for the attic!) I’ve had more room. I will add a few more plants, but not a lot. I tend to get a little over-enthusiastic about indoor plants and sometimes turn the whole house into a greenhouse.


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