THE NEW LITTLE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

The New Little Garden – 09-13-2019

I wanted a new orchid. To bring in any new plant, I needed someplace to put them. Everything was on a leftover dining chair, a stool. There was one plant stand, but everything else was a piece of something I found somewhere in the house.


We have a dining room table that folds into three pieces, so it can be a relatively small table pushed against the wall or opened all the way, seat 8 people comfortably. When Garry brought home the new orchid, there was no more putting it off.

We settled for dropping one-third of it and pushing that end against the glass doors. I have been thinking of dropping another third until we need it, but I’m thinking about it. Meanwhile, there’s room for more plants. Not a lot more plants unless I hang some from the ceiling (which I might do).

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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10 thoughts on “THE NEW LITTLE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. You probably just don’t have the right light. They like bright light, but not much direct sun. So you need a window that is bright, but not sunny. We have that because one side of the house faces northeast, which is perfect. If we faced more the other way, they wouldn’t grow.

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    1. I’ve been able to add to it slowly. After I moved out the gigantic Dracaena Marginata (it had reached the ceiling and was trying for the attic!) I’ve had more room. I will add a few more plants, but not a lot. I tend to get a little over-enthusiastic about indoor plants and sometimes turn the whole house into a greenhouse.


    1. I’ve always been a good indoor gardener. I started off with a couple of plants a friend gave me — cuttings off HER plants. By the time I left that house and moved to Israel, I had maybe 300 plants with special trays I had made then filled with gravel and water. They sat on the top of old iron radiators. The gravel and water produced nice humidity for tropical plants. I didn’t have curtains — just plants. A LOT of them. I don’t keep that many these days. It got to be a bit much. I was working, I had a kid, a social life, a husband, a big house. Cats. Dogs. Parrots. I have no idea how I fit all that into my life. These days, a trip to the doctor and a stop at the grocery is a full day’s work.

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