Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: Candids of People or Animals
Black & White goats
Black & White Downy Woodpecker
El Duque, the black & white menace

Cee's Black-White


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

25 thoughts on “BLACK & WHITE CANDID OF PEOPLE & ANIMALS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Fantastic shots, all. You really capture the spirit of the animals doing their own special thing. 🙂


        1. I suggested we buy a couple of minis to cut the grass. Everyone assured me they would cut everything BUT the grass. Alternatively, a llama was suggested. Ill-tempered and not even funny. I wanted goats. Little goats.


          1. We ie Northern Californians have goats on public land to clear brush before fire season. I know people in Berkeley who have pigmy goats in their yards. ,amber they would be small enough. 🐐


    1. Hi, Carole. Have you ever eaten goat? It’s a favorite dish in the Carribean. I used to eat it when visiting relatives in the Virgin Islands. I was a kid but remember the distintive flavor. And, it was also very spicey. The old family members loved to spice food up so that you cried while eating. As a youngster with a cast iron stomach, it didn’t bother me. These days — it’s another matter.


      1. Oh yes. There’s a taco truck in our neighborhood that has goat. Across the street from that is a Nepal restaurant that has a wonderful goat curry. All spicy. I’d love to try Caribbean goat. Thanks for the lovely memories.


    1. I have either black (all black, though these days with gray patches) Scotties or who-knows-what-he-is, our flying super dog, El Duque — who is conveniently black and white. The goats WERE black and white anyway. All our local woodpeckers, other than a red patch on their head (some a lot bigger than others) or the really big one I only get an occasional look at, are otherwise black and white and some of our “blue” and white birds have a knack for looking more like. black and white. If only the world were more conveniently black and white, eh? The cows, alas, are ALL brown and white. The Skunks are just perfect, but I try not to get involved with them. There’s not only the odor issue but a high level of rabies amongst them, so I like to keep a good distance. Especially since I’m not much of a runner! We used to have bats, but the bat virus killed most of them. They ARE coming back, but not fast enough!

      I still may get a couple of miniature goats, though. The garden is a mess. They can clean it up.

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