KINGDOM COME – Judy Collins

A song written after 9/11 when the work was still ongoing and people who really were there were working desperately hard to find every last body who could be retrieved.

It is hard to believe that it was more than 18 years ago. Young adults have been born and are old enough to serve in the Armed Forces, but are not old enough to remember where they were and what they were doing on that day in September 2001.

Do you remember? I think everyone who was there — not necessarily on site, but watching and thinking “This cannot be happening” remember exactly where they were and what was running through their minds.


The 29th Anniversary Bouquet

And so our anniversary came and went. As have the other 28 anniversaries. It’s a bit hard to believe it has gone so fast. Next year, thirty. One of the zero years. Maybe we’ll do something bigger. Or maybe not. Somebody better throw us a party because I’m too tired to do it myself.

Garry had really gone in to get me another orchid, but the ones left were kind of dry and tired looking. I’d been explaining to him that when you look to buy a growing plant, you don’t look for the largest or showiest plant. You look for one that has young leaves and new roots coming up. Preferably rather than full flowering, you want buds that will fill out.

He realized I probably knew what I meant … so he went with the bouquet. It’s glorious and the color or Autumn in the sunshine.

I used to love giving parties. I like giving them a lot better than going to one because if I gave it, at least I knew everyone.

A rose is a rose?
More bouquet. This one is a beauty!