KINGDOM COME – Judy Collins

A song written after 9/11 when the work was still ongoing and people who really were there were working desperately hard to find every last body who could be retrieved.

It is hard to believe that it was more than 18 years ago. Young adults have been born and are old enough to serve in the Armed Forces, but are not old enough to remember where they were and what they were doing on that day in September 2001.

Do you remember? I think everyone who was there — not necessarily on site, but watching and thinking “This cannot be happening” remember exactly where they were and what was running through their minds.

14 thoughts on “KINGDOM COME – Judy Collins

  1. I remember too well.
    Surely a wake up call for us that there are people out there with ideologies that bent as hell and will destroy us if they can.
    If we don’t from within before that.


  2. This year I blogged about that dark day on 9/11 itself. In 2001 I was driving to work, and heard the news several hours AFTER it actually occurred, given that we’re on Mountain Standard Time out here (two or three hours behind New York and Washington). I thought someone was pranking on the radio stations and I thought how sick they must be to say such horrible things. Finally I stopped, found a pay phone and called hubby, who was at home. I told him to turn on CNN and there was the same news. He was horrified. I was horrified. I kept seeing other drivers with these stunned looks on their faces. When I got to work, the receptionist was weeping – she had family back there. The boss let us go after a couple of hours because nobody was getting any work done. It was horrible. Going home it was like some sort of holiday or event had occurred because there were few drivers on the road at all. It was unreal.


    • I had just gotten back from a two-week business trip to Israel. My son was still a tech “go to” guy and he called from his work and said “Turn on the TV.”

      I asked: “What station?”

      He said: “Any station. It doesn’t matter.”

      It was all downhill after that.


  3. I made a mixed tape (CD) of 9/11 songs to deliver with cookies from a building number of Mom’s and kids each year for the anniversary. I have to add this amazing song. I can’t believe I never heard this before. Amazing post Marilyn, all the way around. Thank you so much for remembering…

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  4. It’s interesting to realise it was nearly two decades ago. I have students studying the 9-11 attacks who ask me what it was like to be around in that time. What I think is perhaps more important is to look at the way we were before the attacks. There are 18 year olds for whom the current political climate is all they have known. Not to put on the rose coloured glasses about how things were, but beyond the IRA, terrorism was a very abstract concept for most of us living fortunate lives around the world.

    In the same way our school has lockdown drills every 6 months. When they happen everyone talks about active shooters – because that is the default position. Yet we run lockdowns in extreme weather conditions such as severe storms, and these are far more likely than a school shooter (in Australia to date at least).


    • We had fire drills, stupid (really dumb) duck & cover drills. The concept of a terrorist shooting children in a school was unimaginable. But living in Israel, we always had a guard at the school’s door. It was a rotating function and every family took a turn. There were guards everywhere and in a weird way, it made me very aware of how lax our security was here in the U.S.


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