Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Markers

It’s embarrassing. No pens, pencils, crayons in pictures. There are some lying around the house, but no pictures!

Here’s where we write!

We type. Except for signing cards, everything else is on a keyboard. I guess we’ve lost it!

17 thoughts on “WE HAVE NO PENS, PENCILS, CRAYONS, OR MARKERS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I have a LOT of all of those, want to borrow some? 😉 I have all those supplies and yet, the other day, I needed a pen to sign something, and damned if I could find even ONE in my purse. *sigh* 😛


    • The whiteboard is “the fun part” of our writing experience. I often type information directly from the phone to the computer. And I used to do fancy fonts for party invitations! How the mighty have fallen.


  2. Marilyn, you have not lost your sense of communication, maybe your words are like dents in the bumper that you don’t want to forget, need a pen, a bucket of paint will do just fine, hope your creativity soars, living the wild life in the sixties with M…


    • I was in college until 1967. Then I was in the hospital, after which I was pregnant, and after that, I got REALLY wild and worke full-time baby and all. I think I’m a lot crazier now. At least I don’t have little kids to look after!

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      • Apologies up front for — “No more pencils, no more books — no more teachers’ dirty looks” — our grade school anthem on the last day of school and summer vacation awaiting.


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