FOWC with Fandango — Gregarious

Birds do it! Bees do it! Sometimes, even people do it! We’ve put up the feeders. I actually ordered a new hanging feeder because the flat feeder gets emptied in mere minutes.

Now I’m hoping the birds show up. I don’t know how much damage the poison has done, so I’m a little nervous. I know a lot of people don’t like feeders because they are messy. Good birdfeed is expensive and then, there are squirrels. But if we don’t feed them, we won’t have birds or squirrels.

There was a question in one of these question and answer things not long ago about whether or not anyone was willing to actually do anything to help the environment.

You could put up feeders. For birds, for squirrels, for all the small creatures whose world we are destroying along with our own. Yes, it’s messy but it’s not that big a deal to clean it up, either.  Think about it.

If a bird feeder is too much work, we are absolutely doomed.

16 thoughts on “FLOCKING TOGETHER – GREGARIOUS! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • We had a moderate crew of birds today. Nuthatches and Tufted Titmouses. A couple of woodpeckers. I think I’m going to set up a seperate (but equal) feeding station for the squirrels. Maybe it’ll keep them busy and out of the seed feeders.

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      • Word will soon get around that Cafe Armstrong is back in business. A separate station for squirrels sounds a good idea but somehow I don’t think it will keep them away from the bird food for long.


  1. I just heard on the news that North America has seen a reduction of 29% of its bird populations. What’s killing them off? Same as what killed off the bees – pesticides and habitat loss. In recent years, there’s been tremendous growth of monarch butterfly-friendly gardens, containing echinacea and all kinds of milkweed, so we are seeing more monarch butterflies now. There’s also been increased interest in boosting bee populations. So I think your suggestion of putting out bird feeders is a good one! (And also demanding action on climate change and habitat loss!)


    • Make no mistake: the squirrels will find a way to get to the feed. They are good at it and extremely persistent, too. I wouldn’t mind if they knew when enough was enough, but they are greedy and will eat everything they can get into their little pointy mouths. However, they can’t actually set up housing in a hanging feeder so they can take what they can eat, but after that, they will have to go home to the trees.


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