Remember how, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away — you know,  during the Reagan administration — our government decided the best anti-drug program was “JUST SAY NO!” Make every person 100% responsible for whatever happens to him or her. As history tells us, this anti-drug campaign was so successful, we no longer have drug problems in this country.

So I thought we might use this same highly successful approach to other major social issues.


Like health care. As we move from an era of medical insurance to “Good luck, buddy,”  we need new coping strategies. How about “Say no to sickness!”

If you feel like crap, just say NO. Cancer or heart disease got you down? Smile! A bright smile and a positive attitude coupled with a firm take-no-prisoners attitude to germs and chronic ailments will wipe away your tears.

Let a smile be your umbrella when your arthritis is throbbing. If you can’t breathe because you don’t have an inhaler? Say NO to wheezing. Everything will be right as rain.

Gun violence is another good example of a problem that wouldn’t exist if we each had a better attitude. Alternatively, if you are a devotee of second amendment rights, try getting a bigger weapon. When bullets start to fly, just say NO! Like magic, bullets will bounce right off you.

Would I lie to you?

There is no problem too complicated that magical thinking will not make it disappear. We can fix everything with firm resolve, a positive attitude, and denial.

Speaking of climate change (we weren’t but now we are), there’s no such thing. Nothing is going on. No need to seek higher ground. Well, what about water pollution? Nonsense! Funny-colored smelly water is merely chock full of extra nutrients. Yummy!

JUST SAY NO is the ultimate, cost-effective way to deal with pretty much everything. A few television advertisements and some billboards along the highway? Bob’s your uncle, the problem vanishes.

Maybe you can add some pamphlets. If these don’t quite do the job, you’ll probably die. In which case, it becomes someone else’s problem. We all know — at least those of us who have read Douglas Adams — that someone else’s problem, is invisible. If we can’t see it, it’s not there. (Phew. I was worried for a minute.)

It’s entirely up to you. Just say no. And keep saying it.

22 thoughts on ““NO” IS SOMETIMES THE PERFECT ANSWER! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. A fellow blogger who I follow because he is into fitness is a climate denier. He thinks everyone who believes it is an utter fool or has an agenda.
    And while some may have an agenda, I don’t think HS kids have one.
    Foolishly I just can’t help my self and have to respond sometimes. Today he claimed we’d need to cover 100% of the planet with wind turbines and solar panels to replace fossil fuels. I just said “no”


  2. You’ve found the cure for poverty! – Just say No. 😉

    Consequently, I shall be nominating you for the Nobel Peace prize – expect your invitation to receive the medal and cash prize in the mail.


  3. This philosophy reminds me of a book I read in college. It was called “The Pursuit of Loneliness,” and the author, Philip Slater discussed what he referred to as “The Toilet Assumption.” The Toilet Assumption, in essence, is based on the belief that social unpleasantness, once flushed out of sight, ceases to exist. This, according to Slater, is central to American culture. So if just say no doesn’t work, just take all of these issues and flush them down the toilet. They’ll disappear and then will be outta sight, outta mind.


    • Yay Douglas Adams. The “Somebody Else’s Problem” has finally become law. If you can’t handle the fire, move somewhere where there is no fire. If you can’t find anywhere without a fire? Oh well. We’re all going to die anyway. Right? Right!

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