WHY ARE WE SO STUPID? – Marilyn Armstrong

I found this cartoon yesterday on Facebook. Yes, Facebook and let’s not hear anything more about it, please.

It sums up exactly how I feel the fools “up there” in the thrones of power are destroying education in this country. It’s only funny if you think it’s okay that we have a whole generation of kids coming through a system that does not allow them to learn.

our education system

They are passing tests. If they learn, it is in spite of the system, not because of it. We cut the budgets for schools. Kids get textbooks so old, they are irrelevant. Many of them were irrelevant even 50 years ago.

We aren’t teaching anything except how to pass a standardized test. If a child really learns? He or she went to a private school … or they read a lot of books. Or are homeschooled by people who know what they are doing.

It isn’t because teachers don’t get it. It’s their bosses who don’ t get it.

19 thoughts on “WHY ARE WE SO STUPID? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Schools are funded and are ranked and rated based upon the performance of their students on standardized tests, so teachers are pressured to teach to those tests. So much for teaching critical thinking.


  2. I’ve watched the cutbacks in the education system since I was in grade 7 and was horrified that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn what friends ahead of me were learning. That bothered me even then so I continued to watch and at this point in time, I am horrified to be completely honest. Everyone gets a passing grade regardless. It makes me question the education of a “doctor” for example. Is it a case of first or last in class or they were given a passing grade because!!!!! It’s a terrifying thought in reality. More than that, the ignorance of our youth regarding history (in particular) mathematics, English, reading and writing is abhorrent to me. You can’t make qualified decisions when you don’t know what your seeing happen or can equate it to something previous in history or in the moment.


  3. It seems the same everywhere. The government doles out funding to public schools with a teaspoon so support staff and extras get cut and they set standard tests which supposedly determine how well a school is doing. If they get a poor result they could face closure so is it any wonder they just teach kids to pass the tests?


  4. I don’t know much about schooling in the US but the education in South Africa is so bad everyone who can afford it pays for private schools. We have a lot of cheaper private schools now that focus on academics and don’t offer sport and other extra murals to keep the costs down. A shame for the children not to enjoy sports and drama but at least they do learn something useful.


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