TIME AND TRAVEL – Marilyn Armstrong

First of all, no one can travel to the future unless they are returning from the past. Everyone who’s anybody knows that. It hasn’t happened yet, so you can’t go there. You can’t go sometime if it never occurred.

nasa time machine

One-way time travel sounds ominous to me regardless of direction.

You mean I can’t come home? Ever? I have to go forward or backward and it’s a final decision? Without any hope of returning to my time, my friends, family? My world? In which case, no thank you. That’s too high a price to satisfy a bit of curiosity.

With all the issues of the present, this is my time. It is where I belong, for good or ill.

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  1. Actually you can travel into the future. You can’t travel into the past. Relativity shows that as you get closer to traveling at the speed of light time moves slower for you than us back on Earth. Simply riding around for a month or so at half the speed of light and then returning to Earth you will find hundreds of years have past. Gravity wells like black holes do the same thing. The movie Interstellar used this science in the plot to the movie. As have lots of Sci-fi novels.


  2. I’m not sure I’d want to go back. There’s a lot to be said for running water.

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    • I think there was a time in the Roman period when there was running water, heated houses and many things (minus electricity of course) that we think are recent inventions. They ran differently, but they worked. That was a good period, though it didn’t last very long.

      I think it’s not the facilities that are the problem. It’s missing your “people” and your culture.

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  3. Interesting, because I’ve always heard it theorized as the reverse. It should be possible to send people forward, but not backward in time. What’s past is already done, and time can not be reversed. Which also means, once you leap forward, you’re stuck there. Seems like a pretty sound theory, or else we’d be overrun right now with people visiting us from the future (Which may not have occurred yet, but to our time now, that future would seemingly never occur anyway… even when it actually DOES occur).


    • Quantum physics. For every decision, a new path — another parallel universe. Can we travel to them? Are they “like” our lives now but with weird little differences? I think I’m too old to even think about it anymore. I’m really tired these days, which is why I don’t read as many posts as I did because I just get very weary.


  4. I often say I was born 750 years too late, and I’d give anything to go back to that time and experience life in the high middle ages. But if it was a one-way ticket, I think I’d have to settle for studying the period instead. 🙂

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    • The past would be a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

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      • I think it would depend on WHICH time. There were good ones. There were bad ones. I don’t know what this time is.


      • Hello. To be honest, the only thing I’d miss would be modern healthcare. I think in many other ways the past was better – and simpler – than the madness that is life nowadays. Of course, I’m driven by a passion for all things medieval, so I know I’m biased, but on balance I still feel I was born 750 years too late. 🙂

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        • It is something I think about a lot to be honest, time travel is a huge theme and influence on my fiction. If I could choose the when, I’d pick the lakes, in the 1850s. Lots of fresh water, vegetables and lamb meat to live on, plus rabbit, assuming I was a wealthy inhabitant.

          I’d feel a lot more comfortable taking a case of antibiotics with me though.

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          • Yes, me too! 🙂 And maybe some disinfectant…
            Time travel is a very appealing thing to think and read about. Your destination sounds very pleasant. For me, I’d choose a castle in it’s heyday – maybe Goodrich or Kenilworth – and go back to around 1279, when they had a huge Arthurian tournament at Kenilworth. Irresistible! 🙂

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    • Maybe if you got the ticket when you were young enough to “fit in” to that society. But for me, even being in another country with plenty of available air travel, after 9 years, I wanted to go “home” and I knew that home was not where I was but back where I came from. My friends had had children who were getting ready for Junior High School — and I had never met them. People had been married and divorced and I missed both the beginning and end. It gives me a lot more respect for our ancestors who said goodbye to their world and new they would not, could not, ever come back.

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