MAYBE AUTUMN WILL COME – Marilyn Armstrong

September 25, 2019 – Autumn Leaf

Driving from home to a doctor’s office, I was encouraged to see that the trees are changing. It isn’t full autumn yet, but it’s looking good. I took a few pictures along the way, which also probably means that my month of battling fibromyalgia is finally ending. It doesn’t usually last this long, but this was a bad one.

I have been so exhausted and so fuzzy-brained, getting anything done has been murderously hard. And the thing is, no matter how crappy you feel, life doesn’t stop and wait for you.

You still have to function. It doesn’t improve my mood any, either. The medical community seems to not understand why people who have Fibromyalgia and are exhausted and in pain also seem to have some emotional instability.

Funny thing. I don’t have any trouble connecting those dots!

So while I was feeling very much like crumpling into a heap on the floor and staying there until I felt better, I still managed to find a contractor, pay down bills, write pieces, even take a few pictures. You know I’m exhausted when lifting my camera seems like far too much work!

I took these today. I saw the big stone with the scarlet Virginia Creeper trying to cover it. I also found a brilliant pumpkin farm and got some great pumpkin pictures. You wouldn’t believe some of the shapes they grow them in these days!

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  1. The great news is that you seem to be on a good road to get your house safe again… I’m SO glad!
    We are still only hovering on the brink to autumn (sorry, fall!). From time to time some leaves of our linden trees sail gracefully down, the virginia creepers are slowly turning red and boast a few blue berries already. But the roses ‘do’ a third growth, only to be blown away by the strong winds and temps have been falling drastically. But also, last week they rose up again to over 30C, only to drop to 10 on Sunday, when it FINALLY rained for nearly the whole day. Still, a great season, and every day I enjoy looking at the changes to arrive in my garden.


  2. The colours haven’t done much here at the moment. My rose bushes have gotten their second wind and some a blooming valiantly. Hope you’re feeling better.


  3. I think I am most excited that you found a contractor. Hopefully, this helps with your stress level, which has got to be through the roof.


  4. Yout Autumn is similar to ours. Glad you are slowly progressing with the house problems


    • Your weather and ours is very similar all through the year and I don’t know why, You are at a much high altitude than we are and in much dryer and cooler air … but we’ve been running parallel for a while. Interesting. I’d like some of your mountains, too.

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      • For Swiss circumstances we are quite low at 500 m and get quite a bit of precipitation. The leaves are now changing on the trees and it is getting much colder.


        • We are at around 450 feet — which in meters is about 15 meters. But we aren’t on the coast. if you travel even a few miles, you go up into the Worcest hills and after that, the White Mountains. We have some pretty decent size mountains nearby, but not visible from here. BUT that’s why we get so much snow. It comes over the mountains and hills and as soon as it hits the valley, it drops all that snow in giant blizzards.

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  5. Ooh — I love that first shot! I hope you have good color in the trees in the few weeks to come!


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