White House memorandum of Trump’s conversation with Ukraine leader

This isn’t a verbatim, but it’s pretty close. In case you want to know what was said.


— Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Shinbone Star is reproducing this White House memorandum of a telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President Voldemort … er, Volodymyr Zelensky with (almost) no editorial comment. While the document released by the White House is un-redacted and declassified, keep in mind that officials did not release the entire conversation, which certainly makes one wonder what juicy bits were left out. While MAGATs will no doubt see nothing wrong here, it sure smells like treason to us. But hey, you be the judge.

* * *

CAUTION:A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON) is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion. The text in this document records the notes and recollections of Situation Room Duty officers and NSC policy staff assigned to listen and memorialize the conversation in written form as the conversation takes place. A number of factors can affect the accuracy…

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  1. Things seem to move – finally! I viewed the S.C. show bits on YT and the public went wild!


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