Magnanimous but Confused

It is a beautiful day. Cool, comfortable, with a shining sun and no rain predicted. It doesn’t mean it won’t rain. It just means it’s less likely to rain than if they had predicted rain and anyway, it’s less like to rain as hard as it might if they had assured us by email and television that rain was coming.


Basically, rain is always coming. The only issue is when it is coming and how hard it’s coming and how muddy the dogs will get.

Hairy Woodpecker

The birds really love the rain. Or maybe they don’t like hunting for food in the rain, so they love our feeders in the rain? Last night, by the time we got home, it was nearly dark, but there must have been a dozen birds squabbling over who should get the best seed.


I pointed out to them that the seeds were essentially all the same because they all came from the same big bag of black sunflower seeds mixed with shell and hull free food. I’m still trying really hard to find ways to have birds and not have as big a mess to clean up.

There were maybe two dozen birds all in a flying battle for seeds this morning. I still don’t recognize one of them. I think it’s a female and it’s mostly beige and brown with nothing particularly obvious in its design. The Hairy Woodpecker came back and as soon as he left, the Downy Woodpecker came by. There were half a dozen Nuthatches, something red (House Finch?) and a big Cardinal. He was there last night, too. And the usual woodpeckers.

Downy Woodpecker

I took pictures. I haven’t looked at them yet because I’ve been reading, commenting and drinking coffee, but they are up next. I haven’t quite gotten my sharp fix on the birdies yet. Need more practice.

Days like this leave me feeling magnanimous because it’s so lovely, but very confused since it’s really a confused mess. I decided to magnanimously enjoy the chaos. With a camera.


That’s how I know I’m getting better. I can actually lift up my camera with the big lens on it! Oh yay!

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13 replies

  1. Did you have any sunflowers come up from all those seeds Marilyn?


  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better. I guess autumn agrees with you or maybe it is the slightly better news coming from Washington.


  3. Great! Get better soon. ❤️❤️❤️


  4. When we lived back east and had at least three bird feeders in our backyard, I loved watching and trying to identify the wide variety of birds who showed up to chow down.


    • You get a bit pixelated. I go in to do something else and I wind up standing at the window — just watching. The squabbling and the arguing over who gets which seed — these are huge feeders and can easily hold a flock of birds each, but bird get very controlling. MY FEEDER, GET OFF MY FEEDER!

      Actually, it’s MY feeder.

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  5. Bird time is great for the camera, some wonderful photos. It is still too early here to feed them.


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