September 30, 2019 – Autumn Leaf

We are still really weak in the fall foliage department, but there’s a bit. Here and there and a lot of yellow.

Stone fence in the fall

Sunset by the stone fence

15 thoughts on “LATE SEPTEMBER’S STONE FENCES — BUT WHERE’S AUTUMN? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Same here in France. Only the virgin creepers are doing their bit to give me joy. The other foliage is just hanging on and occasionally shedding a few yellow leaves. Not much colour to count on. I have umpteens sorts of lavender. They turned from green to DRY in one night, it seems. I don’t even know if they’ll survive. Their violet and blue wonderful perfumed flowers simply turned grey – bouff – and when I handle their branches, they seem to just brake off. We did water all the time and spent a fortune on water bills but I don’t understand the going-on of my garden. One of our huge linden has formed really large (v. large) mushrooms about 7m off the ground and a passing gardener told me yesterday to pay very much attention to this. He warned me that one of the huge branches could ‘just’ fall off in a storm and do untold damage to the land below, the street and passing people, cars, bikes….. I was very pleased. NOT.


  2. Fall is slow everywhere. I have ‘fire’ bushes (bushes that have green leaves in spring/summer, but turn bright red in autumn. Some dipshit killed off another this year, which leaves me with two; one of which is that bright stunning red, but the other is still green. There was thick frost on the rooftops this morning, so I suspect that will snap the trees into their Autumn coats, but who knows? It might just snow before they get going. The weather is jacked up all over. Lucky us to be alive during a shift in climate, right? You do have one lovely sprig of reddish brown or is that a Japanese maple and is always that color? I hope you get some Autumn beauty before the first snow flies!

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  3. Our autumn doesn’t seem to be getting off to a good start. I can’t see it but my husband tells me. Hope it improves a bit. I love the freshness of autumn though

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