The Changing Seasons, September 2019

It’s the last day of September. In New England, that’s Autumn. It’s sort of Autumn out there, but not a lot. It may get better, but a lot has to do with rain and if it gets very warm again.

It’s been very up and down. Moreover, climate change has made our erratic weather even more erratic than it was before, so it’s very hard to figure out what happening. Or will happen.

The trees are mostly green with large patches of bright yellow and in a few places, some red and orange. But the color is very slow in coming and if the rain starts before the color shows up, fall will wash away with the rain. As it did last year and the year before.

The barn and corral and our car, tucked in the corner. happy weather watching.
The farm road. Follow it if you want to see the horses.

We have taken some nice pictures, so even if we aren’t getting that golden red fall feeling, it certainly is lovely outside.

I’d hate to lose a whole season, especially Autumn.

About The Changing Seasons

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

26 thoughts on “THE CHANGING SEASONS – SEPTEMBER 2019 – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. I hope so too. We’ve had record numbers of native birds, especially Tui, in our trees, but when we were in Wellington, there was real concern that there didn’t seem to be nearly as many there — despite an abundance of food for them.


        1. Birds are so sensitive to heat and cold and pollution. There’s food … but can they really EAT it? We’ve had a ton of poison sprayed on our trees because of the lethal mosquitoes … and I’m pretty sure that didn’t help the birds much.


  1. Love the woodpecker shots.

    We’ve just had our warmest driest September in 42 years and look like coming up short on our yearly average rainfall by around 14%. it’s not looking good for our Summer.

    Our Government has seen Australia’s carbon emisions rise for the 3rd successive year and still claims to be easily meeting it’s 2014 Kyoto agreement targets for 2020 (a 5% drop on 2000 levels – we were allowed to increase our emissions under the 1990 Kyoto agreement!!) 😦

    We still have one of the highest per capita emissions rating. Your president and mine are such good friends now – God help us!


    1. They are getting a HURRICANE in Europe! England, Switzerland, all the coast areas around the Mediterranean? They haven’t had a hurricane there since 1926! I didn’t know they COULD get hurricanes there.

      All around the world, the weather is strange — to say the least. Autumn is late and in many places, apparently isn’t planning to show up. At all. We are losing an entire season and it’s the BEST of the seasons.

      As long as corporations are running our world — and all they see in this world is another way to make a few bucks … and their goal is to see how much money they can squeeze out of it — we are really doomed.

      If there IS a God, this would be a really good time for him/her/them to show up and DO SOMETHING ALREADY. Humans need HELP. BIG TIME help.

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      1. Sorry your Autumn isn’t being what it should, but looking on the bright side the weather seems to be not being horrible when it easily could decide to be.

        Isn’t there a saying to the effect that God shows up to help when we help ourselves? Maybe too few humans still believe in Him or follow him for Him to give us all a helping hand?

        As bad as things seem to be getting, i’m pretty sure humans have had it much worse many times in the past 2000 years.

        The difference is today there are far more of ‘us’ and it’s so much easier to follow all the negative news stories.

        (Plus we now have the numerical and technological ability to severely alter the global environment!) 😦


        1. You are right in that things HAVE been worse … but there weren’t as many of us. We hadn’t poisoned as much of the earth, air, and water. We could bounce back faster because our ecology was more or less as it was supposed to be. Now? I just don’t know and not knowing is really terrifying. Wondering and hoping is not doing it for me.

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          1. Am with you on most of that! 🙂

            I think we might just have to resign ourselves to the knowledge that there is little you and i are going to do to change things and we just have to accept whatever will be.

            As Doris sang: Che Sera Sera.


    1. Thank you. I’m still working on that “painterly’ look. It’s a lot harder to do that I thought it would be. Colors don’t come out properly. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter, but a lot of the time it does. White really iS the hardest color to get right with medium-dark blue next in line. Deep rose red is also difficult. but I’m working on it!

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  2. nice pictures ……i like them

    On Tue, 1 Oct 2019 at 16:02, Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth wrote:

    > Marilyn Armstrong posted: “The Changing Seasons, September 2019 It’s the > last day of September. In New England, that’s Autumn. It’s sort of Autumn > out there, but not a lot. It may get better, but a lot has to do with rain > and if it gets very warm again. It’s been very” >


    1. I do all the processing. Garry has come a long way, but he isn’t going to make it into Photoshop. I’ve barely made it into Photoshop! I was trying to get them to look like paintings which were what Garry wanted and I finally got there. It take a lot of tweaking to get it right and if I had another two hours to kill, I’m sure I’d have done more!

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  3. Very nice you guys. I prefer when the Seasons change gradually, sweetly …
    We sometimes don’t get that here. You also get those Eastern colors. It’s mostly yellow around here.
    But still nice. Hope you have a nice Autumn.


    1. We’ve had two years in a row without any kind of autumn. One day, the leaves just curl up and fall off the trees. Very disappointing. We used to get at least a week or real color, but not any more.


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