I said I wouldn’t donate money to anyway, but I sent $6 to Elizabeth Warren. I couldn’t help myself. I have so little money to give to anyone, it’s always a hard choice. Despite having no money, I try to donate something to Durrell on the Isle of Jersey where they try to keep vanishing species alive.

I give a few dollars to Wikipedia because I use it and I figure if I use it, they deserve at least a couple of dollars from me as a thank you. And, every four years, if I feel there is someone worth donating to, I give a few dollars to someone I think is worthy of being my President.

I sent a few dollars during both elections to Obama. I sent a few dollars to Elizabeth Warren when she was running for Senate in Massachusetts, and now, a few dollars more. I’m sure they’ll dump thousands of additional begging letters into my email, but I think she is the one. I think she’s a good one and I want to see her win.

I admitted to Garry that I’d done it again and he patted me and said “I like her too. It’s okay. If you hadn’t, I would have.” Because in the end, you have to make a commitment … even if it’s only $6.00 and very unlikely to change the election. At least I feel that I’m part of it. A small part, but I’ve made the best commitment I can manage — and that’s something. For us.

Because we really do care and I needed to show it.

And yes, okay, I bought a tee-shirt for me and an apron for Garry. Garry wears aprons all the time. He has a “thing” about getting food on his clothing. Also, I really loved the logo.

17 thoughts on “I SAID I WOULDN’T BUT I DID IT ANYWAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. good for you, lady. I like her, too. I also see that Sanders’ age just took him out of the campaign. I doubt too many people want to see him in the whitehouse now…78 isn’t old, unless you’re a football player, or a president.


    • I can’t imagine trying to deal with that much pressure. I’m having trouble keeping my house from falling down. Imagine trying to keep the country — maybe the world — from falling down!


  2. She does seem the best choice and I think the sooner the Democrats get behind someone and all work together the better. I don’t think any political party here has ever brought out campaign pet collars, that’s funny.
    I have made a few small donations, $5 or $10 to activist campaigns recently about things I feel strongly about. I know it will get me more emails but sometimes you have to get involved. I can’t change the world but I can do my bit however small it is.


  3. Good for you for doing that! I hope she gets in too! I even bragged her up when talking to someone recently about what a poor selection there is for the choosing for that office. I said “I’ve heard good things about the woman senator from Massachusetts”. I’m going to vote for her too. Write her in if necessary..although it seems a pretty sure thing she’ll get the party nomination, right?


  4. Most of my friends don’t have much money either. Every dollar counts and adds up. Thank you for donating.

    Elizabeth Warren is the real thing.


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