Garry is the most obsessive tooth-brusher and general oral cleaner I’ve ever met. Apparently, this alone was not enough to stop an abscess from forming under a filling in the gum right on top of the tooth’s root. OUCH.

He didn’t just have an abscess either. He had managed to contract an ear and lymph node infection — just to round it all out. Some people have all the fun!

He’s taking the biggest amoxicillin pills I’ve ever seen along with gigantic muscle relaxants and some pretty hefty pain medications. He says he feels like he’s got a really bad hangover. You think?

But he’s sleeping really well.

Next door to the dentist!

They won’t pull the tooth until next Wednesday by which time the antibiotics will have knocked out most of the abscess. Followed by two fillings for small breaks in teeth that aren’t really cavities, but do need to be patched before they become something worse.

He is not a happy camper and I’m trying to figure out what to cook since he can’t chew much and can’t have any sugar or anything crunchy. Too bad he really hates oatmeal.

Chicken soup?

And there goes the repair on the back door. Oh well. Sometimes life is just like this. I’m hoping after this, we get a bit of a break. Please!

25 thoughts on “IT’S BEEN ONE OF THOSE MONTHS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Poor Gary, hoping all,goes well. Mr. Swiss has his dental ordeal next Monday and Tuesday morning. Removing remains of a lost tooth and some remodeling. Dental processes never go without problems.


  2. Oh, so sorry to hear this. Dental problems are horrendous. He can probably handle soup and puddings and bread with good stuff on it. Cheerios with almond milk is what I have for breakfast because I don’t have to work at eating it. I throw in blueberries because I love them. Mashed potatoes and creamed veggies go down well without much chewing. I’m no cook, so I just go for the easy to fix doings.


    • I’m a good cook, but I’m all cooked out. I’ve been cooking for me and the rest of the family since I was 18 and if I never cooked anything again, I’d be thrilled. I made chicken soup. Tomorrow, salmon. After that, I think it’s back to scrambled eggs. I’m not much of a red meat eater, but I need to eat more of it because I also have an anemia issue. You just can’t win.


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