There were new birds including some I don’t think I recognize. Except that the moment I picked up the camera, they vanished. Just like last year. I played peekaboo with a Cardinal and then there was a big gray and white bird … NO idea what he or she was.

Also, a variety of woodpeckers, which seem to be the only birds that hang around the feeder long enough for me to get a picture. There are always a few Tufted Titmice dashing up to the feeder, grabbing a seed and flying up to the branch of the nearest tree plus the odd Chickadee. Except I didn’t get any shots of them, either.

If I could convince my aching body to crawl out of bed earlier, there are hordes of birds in the morning. They line the fence and the limb of the tree that overhangs the deck. Pity I can’t seem to get any of their pictures.

I guess you’ll just have to (ahem!) … TRUST ME.

NOTE: I never trust anyway who says “trust me.” I figure if I need him/her to tell me, I’m already talking to the wrong person. Especially when that person is a contractor.

5 thoughts on “JUST A FEW MORE IMPRESSIONIST BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I can think of a certain “Orange Man” who says “trust me” quite often – can’t trust him either!! Seriously though, you don’t need to worry about getting up early to get those shots of the “early birds.” You have plenty of beautiful photos of birds here!


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