A DANCE IN A GRAVEYARD – Marilyn Armstrong

The year I was fifteen, I started my senior year of high school. That September (1962), while I was sitting and watching television, I found a rather big, hard lump near my right ankle. I checked the other leg. No lump there. It was a painless lump. Mom had me visiting a surgeon just a … Continue reading A DANCE IN A GRAVEYARD – Marilyn Armstrong


We haven't gotten much in the way of autumn foliage. Hardly any. Little patches of yellow and occasionally a hint of red. It's not much, especially considering how glorious our foliage can be. We were blah last year and the year before. So this will be the third year without "real" autumn. Garry's got an … Continue reading A PHOTO A WEEK: CHANGING SEASONS – Marilyn Armstrong

DO YOU REMEMBER? – Rich Paschall

Memories Of Our Youth, by Rich Paschall If you are over 21 what do you remember from your youth that is no longer around today? If you are under 21, I am guessing you can remember your childhood well and most things are still around. If something has already disappeared, by all means comment below. … Continue reading DO YOU REMEMBER? – Rich Paschall

EVEN MORE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

Do NOT complain about my birds. I am so thrilled to have my feeders up. When I ramble into my kitchen for morning coffee, there the rails and feeders are all aflutter. What's really a bit strange -- I'm sure this has something to do with climate change -- is we are getting different birds … Continue reading EVEN MORE BIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong