We haven’t gotten much in the way of autumn foliage. Hardly any. Little patches of yellow and occasionally a hint of red. It’s not much, especially considering how glorious our foliage can be. We were blah last year and the year before. So this will be the third year without “real” autumn.

Mumford River Dam in downtown Uxbridge

Garry’s got an ugly abscess in a tooth, so we had to be at the dentist early this morning. As it happens, the dentist’s office is next to the Mumford River dam. I took a few pictures. They aren’t great. I did intensify the colors a bit because they were so pale. It hardly looks like autumn.

But oddly, our woods is very bright with yellow leaves this year. No red or orange — we don’t have any maple trees back there. But the aspen and the vines are very bright and you can see them behind the bird feeders. So I guess it’s not a complete loss!


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  1. Beautiful shots. We have a lot more yellows than reds so far too. Hope Garry is feeling better. Tooth pain is not fun.


  2. I guess the colourful birds will have to make up for the lack of colour in the leaves.


  3. And I hope Garry is feeling OK. We have an appointment tomorrow morning. at least Mr. Swiss does, but I have to bring him and fetch him afterwards. he will have the reminder of the tooth he lost removed, with a couple of other teeth and a day later will be getting the new teeth, two days early rise in the morning for both of us.


    • Garry’s a lot more comfortable now that the antibiotics have reduced the infection. His appointment is Wednesday and he has another the following week for two holes in his teeth that aren’t exactly cavities but will be if they aren’t patched up. Who thought teeth would be such an issue? I know my mother told me, but I was much too young to ‘get it.’

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