AUTUMN CAME BY FOR THE DAY! – Marilyn Armstrong

Autumn at the Canal and River – October 14, 2019

In a desperate attempt to cut down on email, I put all my emails from blogs onto the Reader and now I’m not getting anything at all and can’t FIND anything even when I look. At least I found this.

It’s hopeless. No matter what I do, I either don’t have anything at all or I have mountains of stuff.

Today we had Autumn. Sunshine and golden trees and everything. We took pictures. Not enough. I’m going to try to get out tomorrow, too because by Wednesday, torrential rain will be back and that will probably finish it off.

These are from both Garry and me, all taken down by the dam and Blackstone River. We had bigger plans, but I needed to hustle home to the bathroom. It turns out, there are none of them anywhere around that park. Not even one of those plastic horrors.

From Garry:

From Marilyn:

29 thoughts on “AUTUMN CAME BY FOR THE DAY! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • The reflections were amazing. The sun was perfect. We wait until late afternoon when the sun is slanting low and we don’t have so much shine off the water, Today is grayer, but the colors will still be glowing. Just today, tomorrow, and half of Wednesday and then the storms will blow it all away.

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    • It’s the Blackstone and its tributaries, streams, dams, falls, and canals. On a normal calm day like yesterday, it’s a brilliant mirror flowing through the valley. Sometimes, you can’t tell if a picture is rightside-up or upside-down 😀

      I do miss the seashore, though. I lived my entire childhood into my 30s along the Atlantic ocean and I miss not just how it looks, but the smell of salty air.

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  1. Fabulous photographs Marilyn and your quandry is why I tell people not to click to be notified by email when I post..often.. I don’t subscribe to any of the blogs I follow which is over 1000.. instead I use the reader on a daily basis plus a couple of blogging groups I belong to on Facebook. And I found you today on my travels.. you can opt to get weekly notifications but even then that builds up..


    • I can’t even read the headlines of all the blogs I subscribe to. I try to at least glance over all of them, but if I want to write or process, there’s simply not enough time. I’m just not figuring out a proper configuration of the Reader. I know it’s my fault, but that doesn’t help much.

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    • It was a perfect autumn day. I wish I’d been able to stay out longer, but between my spine which has gotten much worse over the past year, I can’t walk on uneven ground and I’m finally considering asking Medicare for a lightweight electric chair. Except where would I walk? There’s a whole scandal about the condition of our sidewalks!

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      • Sorry to hear that, Marilyn. Poor you. That’s doubly bad if the problems with your sidewalks would even interfere with the freedom a lightweight electric chair would give you. Not fair.


    • We still have a lot of green mixed now very heavily with yellows — light an dark (almost orange). NO reds except in little patches and that mostly on vines, not trees. And it won’t last more than a couple of days, either. The storms are already on the way. There’s a pretty big hurricane out in the ocean and while we aren’t getting the worst of it, we are still getting an awful lot of rain and wind. That’s just not a good autumn combo. I’ll take some more local shots today. Our road is gorgeous right now and the maple in front of the house is beautiful, too. We’ll still get the bronze leaves of November and early December — the oak leaves don’t flow down so easily.

      It IS getting cold, though, at least at night. It’s a two blanket night now.

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  2. These emails are too much when everything is coming through them. You should go to your reader and go to the tab; manage in the following category. There enable notifications for those bloggers whose posts you want to read first. The others you can read in the reader later.

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  3. Well you do have a bit of color — happy Autumn!
    I have changed from email to reader only the comments for those bloggers whose comments take up my entire screen! I figure that if the posts are interesting enough I’ll go back and read the comments — will leave the posts up a little longer so I can go back to the ones I want to follow.

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    • I had pretty much given up when suddenly — it all bloomed. We didn’t get the scarlet and deep oranges this year, but we got a lot of bright yellow and the lighter reds and all mixed up with the colors forming what might easily pass for an abstract silk scarf. I wish my body had been less insistent on going home, please, right now! But it did. I’m going to get our road and local trees today and if Garry is willing, the dam in town. They are predicting torrential rain with strong winds by Wednesday night and that will probably finish it off. But you never know. The forecast could be wrong. it often is, these days.

      How are the fires? We’ve had such a wet year, for once I’m not worried about our woods going ablaze. Usually, by October everything is dry as dust.

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      • The fires are off the front page of the LA Times — that’s a good sign! The other good sign is that we had a deep marine layer this morning — clouds, no wind, higher humidity. I haven’t heard reports this morning, but I think we’re “out of the woods” on this set of fires. More winds to come this weekend, though — I won’t hold my breath till January or February!


      • I’m glad to see that you had at least a few days of nice autumn! It’s still fire season here, and the winds are kicking up again along the coast north of Santa Barbara — tonight’s fire has already burned 50 acres, and they may need to turn off the power till the winds die down ~ ~ ~

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        • Well you have fires and we have exploding cities. Gas lines. They haven’t been maintained and about a year ago, entire cities started exploding. Many people are still living in motels, waiting to get their homes fixed.

          What is WRONG with our utilities?

          I should mention that another city exploded the other day — literally, a couple of hundred homes just blew up into fireballs. We don’t have gas here. I was never gladder to NOT have a utility.


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          • There’s a long-ago story about the top execs of PG&E laughing their heads off after a meeting in which they gained major profits in a contract with part of the State. The profits went to — you know it — the top execs in that room! It seems it has become less expensive to deal with the risks than to maintain the equipment — until the risks come true, and the utility companies go Bk. At that point, we can’t live with them, but we also can’t live without!

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