Lines for day FOURTEEN!

I was just trying really hard to not have so much email, but instead, I seem to have LOST all my email. So this is based on the FIRST post because I couldnt’t find any for today. But it’s a great picture … the never-fail maple tree.

I tried to put the right header in … but I have no idea if I got it. So let us hope for the best.

That maple tree by the house never fails me except when we have a hurricane!

This is my favorite Autumn house and today was peak Autumn. By Wednesday, it will be torrential rain again, so tomorrow is probably my last day for shooting at all. All this rain is making Autumn a very wet season.

Fall works better when it isn’t raining all the time!

22 thoughts on “LINES AND SQUARES FOR DAY FOURTEEN! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Picture perfect! What a glorious autumn we’ve had. Leaves are falling like snowflakes up here today. Between yesterday’s heavy and today’s autumn breeze, I dread what’s soon to be… Better not complain–diversity makes the world a better place, even when it comes to seasons! ❤ xo

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    • Bette, well said. Time to cue up Roger Williams and/or Nat Cole — “The falling leaves, drift by my window, the falling leaves of red and gold….”


  2. It’s been raining here nearly every day, too. Yesterday was a nice day, so I went to the park hoping to get some fall photos. Not much luck – what’s not still green has merely gone to pale yellow or brown. Only a sprinkling of reds. Not at all like the spectacular colors we used to get. The good news is, I found a path I’d never gone down before, and if the colors ever do change, that path will be awesome.

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    • We got lucky yesterday. We’ll get two more days and then the storms will take over. I think it’s that it got very cold at night for a week and that did something. No reds, though. Only yellow, dark yellow, and peachy orange. Still, a lot better than last year when we had nothing at all.

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    • Mom, yesterday (Sunday) was a picture-perfect day for our photo trek. We had the foliage in full autumnal change, folks with their kids and furries out enjoying the mild temp and purty sunshine. Everyone seemed mellow. Thanks, Mother Nature. We’ll remember this gift.
      Months from now when we talk about you, and we will, we’ll be kind.


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