Kids. They don’t even know good music when they DO hear it. Who is this Justin Bieber kid?

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It’s time for The Nest to help you randomly get over that imaginary hump in the calendar by bringing you another exciting edition of Random Image Inspiration!  This is the feature where my top secret random formula picks a photo off Google that I have to make a post out of.  It’s hard work, but no pain, no gain!  Let’s start with our weekly contribution from the Randomator…

10, 78, 74, 17

The 10th post in my Reader was this one by Marilyn

The 78th word in that post is “I”

The 74th word in that post is “days”

It is really strange how many seemingly random two word combinations this exercise spits out turn out to actually have a real world meaning.  Did you know there’s a music festival in Milano called “I Days?”  I didn’t… until just now!

Putting “i days” into Google Images brought this up as…

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