The Lines in the Old Woodshed

It’s coming down before the winter comes. Its roof is about ready to cave in. One big snow, and it will bring itself down. That would make a terrible mess, so it makes more sense to take it down before it collapses.

Yet today, I got two pictures of it surrounded by Autumn. I think we will miss it. It has been here for 15 or 16 years. It’s part of our landscape.

The front of the shed

The shed from the side

18 thoughts on “LINES IN THE WOODSHED – Garry Armstrong

  1. Nice pic of the backyard shed. Would make a lovely art drawing for someone who loves nature and old buildings. I will share my pic I took of an old shed in my dads’s backyard with the oncoming of fall into winter,

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    • It was a cheap wooden shed from Home Depot, but we made it look sort of like a barn. A friend of ours came back from Pennsylvania with the “Be well and happy” plaque and at one point, we had a really cool eagle wind thingie, but it got taken down by a branch. We’ve actually lost a lot of things to branches from the oaks. Owen added a roof and voila. We used to keep all our sledding stuff in there including our 4-person toboggan. And the snowblower and the lawnmower and the hand garden tools that I used. We also had a croquet set for the back lawn. But we don’t sled anymore. We sold the toboggan. We still have two brand new (in the boxes) sleds which I suppose we will sell. We also had a pile of cheap plastic lawn chairs because we used to have barbeques. It’s amazing what such a small (it’s just 6 ft X 8 ft) shed can hold. I’m sure there are other living critters in there I’d rather NOT know about.

      I also used to keep potting soil and various sized pots. But as I’ve gotten less active — and Garry was never much of a home fixer-upper — I’m not even sure what’s actually IN there now. It’s just the Owen wants to get the usable stuff out of there before the roof caves in. One side (you can’t see it in the picture — the other side) is covered with lichen. Given how much service we’ve gotten from it, it doesn’t owe us anything. It’s been a surprisingly good little shed.


  2. Oh, no! That shed has really been a part of your property for quite a while, and always makes a wonderful accent in your posts! I do understand about taking it down, but how sad that it has to go!

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