AHOY AND AHEAD – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Ahead

We got a notice from our BOA branch, which is right next door to our grocery store that they are closing the bank. This is a total pain in the butt and basically means, unless we can bank in Rhode Island while living in Massachusetts (not always easy or even possible), that we should change banks.

You cannot begin to imagine how much I don’t want to change banks. It isn’t that I have some fierce loyalty to BOA. I don’t. They’ve never done me a favor and basically, I don’t like them. But they are very convenient — or until now, have been very convenient. And I have ALL my payments lined up with them so I have very little to do on a monthly basis. Which is good because I’m not a great money-tender.

There are other banks in town, but not many and I’m more than a little dubious about them. The rest are all at least 15 to 20 miles away … or more. So we are off to the bank to try and see what we can work out. IF we can bank in the nearest town with a full-service bank (North Slaterville, RI) and keep the rest of the arrangement, I’m okay with that. If not, we have to start setting up at another — probably equally inconvenient bank — then move all of our electronic deposits to the new bank, get new cars, set up all those payments again. Not a thrilling prospect.

JUST when you think you’ve simplified your life, it comes around again. So first, we’ll go in, make a deposit (it’s cash — I do NOT do cash in an ATM!), talk to the manager (who’s main favor to us was giving me a fabulous recipe for making homemade (cheap and delicious) humous.

Then, to the dam in the middle of town and maybe up to River Bend for some pictures before this glorious Autumn ends, It’s at peak now, so it’ll just be a few more days before it starts downhill to November, which is its own sort of Autumn — the bronze age, as it were — and finally, real winter by the middle of December — if it doesn’t snow first.

So once again, it’s another one of those weeks. Doctor appointments (two of them, both mine) and the “gutter repair” people (tomorrow — they are having a sale and maybe, just maybe, we can get ONE more thing done before the snow flies. Which could literally be any day now. We have had pretty heavy snowfall as early as September. Last year, it didn’t show up until my birthday in March, but after that, we were in it to our asses until May!

I’ll do the best I can to be here, but I can’t believe I’m supposed to be retired.

I am moving ahead. Ahoy there world — this elderly lady is dashing around trying to keep her life, such as it is, on track.

I have to point out to the bank and Garry and I are 149 years old. We deserve a break!

31 thoughts on “AHOY AND AHEAD – Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. Unless I have something special at the bank, I never go there. We do mainly online banking which functions quite well. I also have a post office account, mainly for household and private stuff, and that also functions very well online.


    • So far, we can use the bank over the line in RI. But you know, we live in an under-populated area. There used to be half a dozen banks in town. Now, when BOA closes, there will be just one and they cheated the hell out of us years ago. Spit on their name.

      There’s nothing to say they won’t close the one in RI either. If we had more businesses or a lively housing market, the banks would get some people there, but except on Friday when local merchants come in with pounds of change, the rest of the week the bank is empty. I think the credit unions (all two of them in Worcester county would treat us better … but oy the amount of work to get all our monthly payments set up and move the electronic accounts. I get a migraine even thinking about it.

      I thought this area would grow, but we’re just too far outside Boston for commuting and there’s no business out here. It’s a nice place to raise horses. But that’s pretty much it.

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      • We do a lot of banking on line, and my granddaughter taught me how to make deposits on line, but I don’t need to deposit cash like you mentioned. Here’s hoping you find a solution that works for you because changing all those accounts would give me a migraine too.


  3. I understand the pain! It’s never easy and some banks are just ass holes to deal with, like they are doing you this great favour! BS. Hope it works in your favour! I LOVE the photos, quite beautiful! tyvm for sharing them with us all.


    • Just our branch. To be fair, there is very little foot traffic. Everybody does everything online or via the ATM. We have cash coming in periodically, so we need to be able to go to the bank … and it turns out, we CAN go to the bank in North Slatersville which is about the same distance as our current bank … just in the other direction, The issue with banking across state lines has been resolved for years. I just never asked. And I got a GREAT recipe for Baba Ganoush from the same manager who told me how to make amazing Humous. I love bank managers with home-made recipes.

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  4. I sympathise. I have been putting off changing banks for years. I’m a Credit Union person too but my CU is based in South Australia and has no branches in Tasmania. I do all my banking online as a result. Most of the time that’s fine but sometimes you need a branch and I’m sure I will when the house sells.
    When we came to Geeveston the local bank had already closed and the nearest one was 20km away. I did not want to bank with one of the “Big 4”, (ANZ, NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth). I will either go to Bendigo Bank the fifth-largest bank or another Credit Union. Bendigo has partnered with local communities and several years ago opened a branch in first in Geeveston and later in two other townships so we actually have more banks branches now than in 2002. On the other hand, the big banks are continuing to close branches in country towns. We have just had a banking Royal Commission which did not go well for the big banks as a lot of shonky stuff came to light. Good luck with your transfer. I hope you find a convenient solution. I always like to have some cash on me but not a lot as I prefer to pay electronically. It’s just easier when you don’t have transport. As for cheques, I haven’t written one in fifteen years. Hardly anyone uses personal cheques now, probably because hardly anyone posts anything and because they are a damn nuisance to cash.


    • There are times when you need to deal in cash or such big numbers, you usually need to do it AT the bank — mortgages are one of them. So yeah, you’re going to need the bank. But they keep closing branches and figure we can do everything at an ATM … but you can’t buy and sell houses and businesses using an ATM.

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  5. I feel with you. Sometimes life is a never ending carousel. You clear up the appointments and turn the corner where there is another batch waiting for you. Luckily our banks don’t close and are in the next town


    • It’s so tedious, too. You figure your bank will ALWAYS be open … until they close it. There was very little foot traffic because unless you’re getting a loan, buying or selling a house or business, you don’t need the bank. Fortunately, I CAN use the bank in Rhode Island — about the same distance, but the other direction. I am SO tired.

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  6. BOA shat on me once and I loathe them. I’ve been a big Credit Union fan since 1985, was with one in Salt Lake for over 30 years, and now I belong to one again (a different one. My old favorite doesn’t have a branch up here). Maybe a C.U. is the way to go and screw the banks. The C.Us, out here any way, have lower fees (or no fees), higher interest on savings and a host of other benefits I’ve never gotten with any bank I was unfortunate enough to belong to. Good luck Marilyn, and perhaps have your son sit down with you and help with on-line banking (if that’s a possibility). It’s shaved YEARS off my life even though the human touch is lacking.


  7. I bank with Chase. They recently closed “my” branch. I had to do nothing as a result, with the exception that I had to empty out my safe deposit box. My account number remained the same, the routing number was automatically changed on the next checks I received. My next automatic deposit worked smoothly. I’d be a little surprised if Bank of America required much more fuss because of their change Enjoy your beautiful fall!


    • It was whether or not I could bank in the Rhode island bank. There are some weird rules about banking across state lines that I’ve never understood. I don’t even have to change routing numbers. And thank god I don’t have to change all those auto payments. THAT would be a terrible mess.

      But they are closing banks everywhere because there is so little traffic. Unless you’re buying a house or taking out a loan or running a business, you usually can do it online.

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      • I think that, now everything in the bank is done pretty much on-line, state lines no longer matter. All the transactions are pretty much information shifts, which can all be done in a single server for each transaction type. I agree that there are some things one must do IN the bank, but a branch on every corner is no longer a requirement for success!


  8. I’m sure they are trying to move us all to on-line banking. Then instead of using money we would have to use plastic even for the little things. They’re doing it too, but I like cash and that isn’t going to change. A combined 149 years should count for something Marilyn.


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