It’s a lot harder to get the colors right on the photograph that one might think. Especially the reds. They may look like red to your eyes, but to the camera, they appear closer to bronze-brown. The problem is that leaves are a mix of colors, including more orange than red and a sizable dollop of yellow and magenta.

I took a bunch of pictures and I spent hours trying to make the colors look the way they looked to me. They don’t exactly, but they are close. Regardless, they are as close as I could get them.

My house with its maple tree. I couldn’t get the red correct without making the house look really strange. Sorry about that.

Much closer, but still more orange than red. Pretty, though.

This is relatively accurate, though the reds are a bit too orangy.

Still maple. Maybe a bit more red?

This is close to the real color, but it blocked out all the other colors!

This may be the closest to the real color. Not as dark a red color, but the range of colors is right.


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12 replies

  1. So much Autumnal beauty right outside your front door!


  2. Our perception of colour changes with time too. I love the one with the bright red leaves on the dark back ground.
    You could frame that one.
    BTW your notices appear in my comments location.


  3. Those darn trees just don’t cooperate, do they? They fake you out with all those beautiful colors, but the camera knows better. Stupid camera. I hate futzing around with photos to make them show what I’ve seen.


  4. Gorgeous! I’m sure missing my Michigan when I see these beautiful leaf photos.


  5. You live in such a beautiful place. Makes me happy to think of you in that environment. Especially with your newly repaired wall!!!


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