Driving home from River Bend, I was still — after all these years — breathless at how beautiful this area is. It’s love at the river and even in town, but as you turn down our street, it’s just so much color, it’s hard to even absorb it.

I didn’t think there were any more pictures to take, but the trees are much brighter today than they were yesterday. The maple is redder and the yellow has turned to deep orange. The yellow just makes your eys go “pop.”

Looking south on Aldrich Street

Down the driveway

Northbound on Aldrich Street

Maple in front of the house

I had to take a few more pictures. By then I was so tired, I could barely stand up, but I did it anyway because Autumn doesn’t come every year and rarely looks as glorious as it did today!

Upward from the house to the road

Bright yellow maple

Behind the green lawns, a tractor is on the way

I bought a new pair of Minnetonka little shoes AND I bought them half a size too big so there would be room for socks. And they wouldn’t fit. I finally realized my feet were so swollen from all the walking, I just stuck a pair of shoe trees in them and went back to socks. They ALWAYS stretch. I’m fondly hoping that those suede Minnetonka’s will stretch too!

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8 replies

  1. I never get tired of fall colors!


  2. The shoes will fit better in the morning, Marilyn. Lovely photos…


  3. How lovely everything looks. I am so glad you got a few nice days. I know you were worried you wouldn’t get proper autumn this year.


  4. You are really inspiring me to go on another Autumn excursion, but today a dentist appointment is scheduled and tomorrow Mr. Swiss has his test for new eye glasses after his operation. Keep bringing them, they are so beautiful.


  5. You’re managing to capture the best of the best autumn displays in your pictures. I just want to walk into them and revel in all the glory. Wonderful stuff, Marilyn. And good luck with the shoes. 🙂


  6. They are amazing pictures and what glorious colors.


  7. Waiting for something other than rain here to capture the colours…


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