UXBRIDGE IN AUTUMN – Garry Armstrong

Autumn Leaves in Downtown Uxbridge – October 24, 2019

I went out to pick up some pita to go with the hummus Marilyn was making. But I asked if it was okay if I borrowed her little Leica. Naturally, she gave it to me.

It was so beautiful out there I couldn’t stop taking pictures until the battery died. I could have put in another battery, but it was getting dark and I’d been gone for hours. Marilyn didn’t even ask where I’d been. She figured I took a camera, so I was taking pictures. So she got to refill the bird feeders, make dinner, clean the deck, figure out what to write and then I’d come home with a couple of hundred pictures. Which she would process.

I pointed out it was her fault. I didn’t take pictures until she stuck a camera in my hands and said “Shoot something. Don’t just stand there.” Who knew I’d get so addicted?

Marilyn knew and she knows I want that Leica. I absolutely assured her I didn’t really want the Leica, just to borrow it. She pointed out that the Leica was her “take everywhere” camera. On the upside, I can see in her eyes a new little camera taking shape. There are just a few other things that need to get done first. Like new gutters, a repaired back door. A camera is not currently on the agenda.

But the Leica is such a pleasure to use.

I took a few pictures.

The first Quaker Meetinghouse, built 1770. It’s at the corner of our road and Route 146A. It has no heating system, so it isn’t used much except for weddings or other events.

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12 replies

  1. Such beauty. Thanks for sharing it with everyone, especially those of us who live in an area where such splendor rarely happens. This year we’ve been luckier than other years, there are a lot of splashes of vibrant color around. I probably need to break out my ‘good’ camera again, but then would have to figure out where I get a new card/battery other important stuff for it. I’ll just share Marilyn and your photos if I may. πŸ™‚


  2. Oh such beautiful autumn colors πŸ˜€

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  3. Great photos, Garry, you can see that a lot of the leaves are gone now. Oh dear, you know what that means…

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  4. Beautiful pictures, the name Uxbridge also caught my eye as we lived many years near the English town of Uxbridge. It is in the London Borough of Hillingdon these days, near Heathrow Airport It used to be in the County of Middlesex, currently it has the doubtful honour of being the parliamentary seat of our current Prime Minister.

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  5. I’m glad fall colors actually showed up this year – nice photos. Sounds like a nice little camera, but I have too many cameras that I don’t use enough, so… Who am I kidding, I will want a new one soon enough πŸ˜‰

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  6. Autumn glow well caught here, Garry. Now I want Marilyn’s little Leica!

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