YOU TALK TOO MUCH! – Garry Armstrong

“You Talk Too Much.”

It was a 1960 pop single that kids used to sing outside of school and on the streets. Usually, it was making fun of adults: teachers, parents, politicians, and others who they dissed from the temerity of youth.

It’s not something we — of a certain age — say about those who do most of their socializing via texts and emails.  We value the word, conversation, face-to-face sharing of thoughts and beliefs.

As a youngster at large family gatherings, I remember the older men — uncles, cousins and male hangers-on, emboldened by liquor and loud Carribean music casting insults at the women in the house.  When they were inevitably chastized, one of the men usually would bellow, “Woman, you talk too much.”

Most of the men, shielding themselves from a proper physical response, would giggle in a protective huddle.  Much like a bad football team after committing an egregious foul.

“You talk Too Much”?  In my youthful mind, I wondered how my elders dare say such an obviously disrespectful thing. I couldn’t in my boldest young bombast even consider saying that to an elder. Certainly not my Mom. I’d be picking up my teeth scattered around the room after the two slaps on my cherubic face.

It IS something I now mumble at the political blabbathons as Presidential wannabees stumble over themselves, verbally shooting each other in the feet and leaving us — the losers — as we try to zero in on a preferred candidate to take on the current White House squatter whose rent is overdue.  Yes, you people, you talk too much and don’t say things that will make us believe in you and your candidacy.

I’m growing increasingly angry with baseball’s  TV sports talk jocks who think their jibber-jabber is more important than the high anxiety postseason games.  The nonstop verbal poop is often insulting when it’s obvious these people don’t know the basics of our national pastime.

This 77-year-old retired TV Newsie with 40 plus years on the job, YELLS profanities at the Sports yakkers. The nicest thing I can offer is: “You talk too much!”

I wrestle with the image of my sportscaster hero — the iconic Vin Scully — who truly was a wordsmith, mixing in Shakespeare, baseball play-by-play and John Keats — without missing a beat and allowing minutes of silence to heighten the import of an excellent, game-changing play.  Alas, Vin Scully, closing in on 90, chose to retire still at the top of his game.1

In my best Brandon DeWilde “Shane” plea, Vin Scully, come back! We need you now more than ever! EVERYBODY needs you. Come back, Mr. Scully, please!

Those of you of a certain age can, perhaps, see and hear Archie Bunker yelling at his wife and son-in-law: “Hey, youse!  Ya givin’ me a headache. Stifle ya-selves.  You talk too much”.

No, Pilgrim, I’m not going there.  As sure as the turning of the earth, I’m not going there.

23 thoughts on “YOU TALK TOO MUCH! – Garry Armstrong

  1. When the men said “you talk too much” to the woman folk, I don’t think they were serious otherwise they would have gotten a cuff to the head, Garry. The women must have had a good return….


  2. Fascinating! I rather like the “You talk too much!” idea, much better than screeching profanity at some *insert profanity here* who won’t hear and can’t listen if they could. You’ve listed some of the biggest reasons I refuse to watch any kind of prime time TV because all the jibber jabber and the endless stupidity and ads for crap we certainly don’t want nor need, gets to me. Yeah, I’m uninformed sure, but my blood pressure is normal (for the first time in decades) and I’m not going to stroke out like my grandfather did. I love that photo too. I believe you or Marilyn has shared it before. Tell me are you the tot standing to the side of the mother of the bride? What beautiful clothing too…there was a time when folks took pride in dressing up for events like weddings and it’s great to see examples of that. Thanks!

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    • I think that is Garry’s uncle Herbie. Garry hadn’t been born when this was taken 🙂 We’ve actually turned off (GASP!) baseball games because the announcers never shut up. And worst of all, THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.

      It can be fascinating to listen to an interesting talker, but exhausting when someone is just chattering away with nothing on their mind — yet still, the mouth moves.

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      • Like our friend Petey’s dummy – “Willie” — ‘jibber, jabber, jibber, jabber…” Back to you in the studio.


      • I used to listen to baseball on the radio, way way back when Curt Gowdy was announcing. He understood the value of Shutting UP, and let the crowd and the players do the work. “Swing an a miss.” he’d say. That was all. No jokes, no asides, just the crowd and the crack of the bat now and then.
        Then they decided to introduce local color. Jokes. Bits. Now I don’t listen, I don’t watch. I don’t care.


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