9 thoughts on “IN A LINE? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Beautiful. Sorry haven’t been around much, took another tumble. Bad one. was outside by myself with the dog and he saw something and yanked me in a circle and I tripped over something and down I went. Since my knees don’t bend, I tried several times to get up and couldn’t and no one was home. I was in a momentary panic but after several attempts, and on this I’m not sure as to how I managed to get up, I managed to get inside and find my granddaughter who’d come home to find the dog. Called my son home from work to assist in finding him and he was next door, down a hill. Badly bruised legs knees injured my arm and of course my back. Better today so I’m here. For a bit. Consequently, I have been laying down most of the time. It doesn’t hurt less, but it is easier in some ways. I can live with the pain today at least. My granddaught’s b day came and went, I couldn’t go, my grandson’s bday as well, and a party for a significant other who turned 40 again, couldn’t attend. They all had fun so that was good.


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