BIRD DU JOUR – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Open Topic

We’ve been so busy trying to capture the foliage before it disappears I’ve had little time to shoot the birds. But also, we don’t have the number of birds we had last year. Fewer than half and many groups of birds are just gone. I keep hoping they’ll be back.

Today I did take some pictures, mostly of our newly arrived Blue Jays. In all the years of growing up where Blue Jays were everywhere, I never realized how beautiful they are.

Nuthatch about to take to the air

Fly away home

I managed to get two flyers today. I’m always so happy when I can capture them in the air. It’s rare!

5 thoughts on “BIRD DU JOUR – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Wonderful photos, Marilyn. It seems that here the squirrels outnumber the birds. I had a feeder several years ago, and made the mistake of keeping the bag of bird seed in our screened porch. One day our dog would not stop barking and when I looked out, the squirrels had broken through the screen and were sitting on top of the bird seed bag munching away! Their sense of smell must be extraordinary.


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